Duke Ellington – Anatomy Of A Murder OMPS

Here’s my final Sonic Boom score from our anniversary trip. Fear not, we stopped other places too! Stay tuned!

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 9 (CD)

Excellent jazz score to a film I’ve not (yet) seen. With Duke Ellington involved, you just know this is fantastic stuff. The band just nails it, track after track, with jazz, blues, and big band sounds. Many alternate and rehearsal versions of songs appear, giving the whole thing a sense of returning themes.

With new liner notes from Phil Schaap and Wynton Marsalis, and newly remastered, this set (neatly called “crime jazz”) is a damn fine soundtrack to any film.

15 thoughts on “Duke Ellington – Anatomy Of A Murder OMPS

  1. J. says:

    Yup, as Bruce and Joe have already pointed out, this is one helluva great cover. As much as I like the Duke, I’d buy this for the cover if I saw it…


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Sure, it’s gotta be a package deal. But to me, the cover is the bun, the music is the meat of the sandwich. I’ve got loads of great albums here that have really shite artwork. The package doesn’t mean anything once you drop the needle on the record!


              1. J. says:

                Oh, I disagree! A great album can only benefit from a great cover (there is nothing quite as disappointing than a really great album with some shabby art). Dropping the needle is fine, but a great album will have you looking at the cover and getting lost in its grooves…

                But, we can all have a different opinion on it…


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Sure, we can agree to disagree!

                  Haha you’d get along well with my lovely wife. I bring a new CD home, and while I’m putting the disc in the player, she’s flipping through the packaging. We all have priorities, I guess!

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