Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

Alright, here we go with posts about all of the goodies I found recently in Toronto with Mike. I’ll begin with what I scored at BMV on Bloor. Perfectly apt that I start with the inimitable Neko Case…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 1 (CD)

Have I ever told you that I love Neko Case? It’s true! Her voice soars and haunts and captivates like no other, and she always makes incredible records.

Call this one Neko’s weather record – lots of tornadoes and natural stuff, mixed in with her usual incredible word-play poetry of love and loss, seeking, and wonder at the world. Tons of great guests* and two cover tunes,** Neko shows off even more range while staying her sweet, sweet self.



* Names you might know include: Kelly Hogan, Lucy Wainwright Roche, Jon Rauhouse, Sarah Harmer, Carolyn Mark, Howe Gelb, Garth Hudson, Dallas Good, Travis Good, M. Ward and Kathryn Calder, among many others. See the whole list here!

** “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth” by Sparks, and “Don’t Forget Me” by Harry Nilsson.

4 thoughts on “Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

  1. J. says:

    Hurrah! I’m a big fan of this one… it’s a super album (though it did take me a time to fully appreciate it – it was always going to be difficult after Fox Confessor, y’know). As a fan of both Harry and Sparks, I also think Neko did a stellar job on their tracks. Of course. It really is a great album. Great cover too…


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