Sadies – New Seasons

Here’s another BMV score…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 2 (CD)

This one rocks while sticking close to its country roots. Every track is beautifully-realized Sadies gorgeousness. You know that sound – those restless guitars all over the damn place, the battery holding it together…

Tracks ache beautifully (Sunset To Dawn), or bleed folk (Yours To Discover*), some are almost pop (Never Again), a few tease rock and roll.. but they never forget their roots, and their brand of swing country pleases with such aplomb. This is a complete record.



* This is a fun travelling song, aptly-titled as Yours To Discover is the motto on Ontario’s vehicle license plates.

8 thoughts on “Sadies – New Seasons

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Imagine! I think I even said that to Mike one time, when we talked about the 200 word reviews, then the 80. Naturally, by extension, why not one line? Because I don’t even think people read all the 80 word ones, which is OK because I’m just having fun playing with the format, but one line reviews would likely get skipped altogether. Feedback I got when I asked around was that some people definitely prefer more words to feel like it’s been properly played and written up, and would likely skip short little blurbs. And fair play! I like those longer posts too! But anyway, yeah, there ya go.


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