Poll: Top 5 KISS Albums 1980-1989

Alrighty folks, with the success of our Favourite 1970s KISS albums poll, it’s time to try the 80s!

Interestingly, there were no live albums or boxed sets in the 1980s! No live albums? Really? That’s really damn weird, to me. Talk about a missed opportunity, especially for a band that plays live all the time and never seems to miss a chance to take a few of your hard earned bucks and replace it with more rawk in your collection!

I’m gonna leave this up for a week (Saturday), so we should see results next Sunday!

Pick your Top 5 KISS Albums 1980-1989!

33 thoughts on “Poll: Top 5 KISS Albums 1980-1989

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Haha that reminds me of a story:

          When I was in Scotland, we climbed Ben Lomond. On our way up, folks were coming down. When they learned I’m Canadian, they excitedly said “We have relatives in Calgary! Do you know them?” Haha whut. I’d never been to Calgary yet, at that age. And do you have any idea how far Calgary is from where I grew up? I just looked it up: 3294 kms. So no, I don’t know your relatives! 🙂

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        1. mikeladano says:

          Word on the streets is that they knew their studio albums weren’t up to snuff enough to make an 80’s version of Alive III as memorable as I or II. There were whipers of Alive III going back to 1986 but nothing came of it.


          1. keepsmealive says:

            One wonders why they’d even bother putting the albums out if they felt they weren’t ‘up to snuff.’ Also, who says it had to be Alive III? Couldn’t it be under any other name? Fans would still have bought it. But still, I get stuck on them feeling the albums weren’t worth it. Only they could fix that by making albums they felt WERE up to snuff.

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            1. mikeladano says:

              Well dude these are all valid questions. Kiss have released lots of non-Alive albums since then. The last one was the Vegas concert and “Alive” was nowhere in the title.

              They knew during the 80’s that they were not as good as they used to be. They admit it openly now although at the time they always said, “We think this is our best album yet…” EVERY TIME.

              Crazy Nights was supposed to be the best since Destroyer. Hot in the Shade was supposed to be a “return to form”. But Gene was in Hollywood. Paul was running the ship on his own. Gene has admitted as much.


                  1. keepsmealive says:

                    Yeah, my taste in music in the 80s wouldn’t have been perfect either, haha. But I maintain that if I was in a band, I could not put out a record that I knew was subpar just for the sake of putting out a record!


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