Good Morning, Vietnam

Kudos to Bruce for this excellent banner!
Kudos to Bruce for this excellent banner!


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I’ve heard this disc so many times, over the years. I’ll admit it’s weird to listen to this now, for my first time through since Robin Williams killed himself in 2014. It seemed like he had everything going his way, family, fame, money, beloved cultural icon… but then, after years of substance abuse (and rehabs), came the Parkinson’s diagnosis (which was actually, as it was diagnosed post-mortem, Lewy body dementia – neither of these are a picnic, kids) and then he’s out by his own hand, at 63 years of age…

It feels like we oughta talk about that some more, but I suppose there’s really nothing else to say. He’s gone now, and it’s an incredible fucking loss of an incredible actor and comedian, and a husband and father too. And us, out here in the crowd, all we’re left with is the work he did, since we didn’t actually know the man personally. This film and soundtrack surely stands among some of his best work.

Whew! What an intro. A real ray of sunshine. Ready? Me too.

Up first is Williams’ hilarious Good Morning Vietnam… intro, just riffing. You think it’s scripted, but you know it probably wasn’t. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas Nowhere To Run kicks us off. Great track, and fitting for the entire Vietnam war too, honestly. We roll into the Beach Boys’ I Get Around. Classic. Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders’ Game Of Love is next. I love how the word ‘love’ falls to the guy with the deepest voice. Ba ha! Nice Buddy Holly-style breakdowns.

Williams is back, riffing again as Bob Cramer, Artillery. Oh man, “anything, just play it loud, OK?” Hahaha. The Searchers’ Sugar & Spice is a little light for me, but it was a tune at the time so there ya go. Williams again, and he’s already chewing on the scenery. Crete/Gomer/Lyndon is a killer, oh man. The Castaways’ Liar, Liar is next, another one you know well. I love that it’s that little bit different than everything else, yet still fits in. Then it’s the Beach Boys again with The Warmth Of The Sun. Ahhhh yes.

Williams is back yet again, because why not, as Mr. Leo. Then it’s James Brown’s I Got You (I Feel Good) before Williams riffs again with Lawrence Welk. Them’s Baby Please Don’t Go is a classic, of course. Love me some early Van Morrison! Then it’s that dan Williams again with Nixon. Haha wow does this guy ever miss? No. The Marvelettes’ Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead comes in perfectly.

The Vogues’ Five O’Clock World is one we all know, of course. Fun side story: it’s actually off the LP the guy gave me when I bought my stereo. True story! The fun carnival of the Rivieras’ California Sun you know forwards and backwards. Then Williams comes back one more time, just destroying Here’s The News. And finally, it’s the tune I most associate with this film, Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. You know what I mean.

In Sum:

A perfect soundtrack? I would say yes. The sound, the tone, the song selections, and Williams’ work…  Total home run. This is how it’s done, kids.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning, Vietnam

  1. mikeladano says:

    Great review Aaron and I’m glad you chose to flesh this one out and expand upon the album a bit. Funny thing — this is the first CD I ever heard.

    Maybe around 1987 or so, my cousin and family from Alberta came down to visit for a couple weeks. Uncle Phil was always on top of tech. He had one of those vertical record players. But on this trip be brought this new “CD player”. I had heard of them and seen the CDs in stores but never seen one opened up. Good Morning Vietnam might have been the only CD they owned. It’s surely the only one I remember us listening to!


  2. J. says:

    Yup – a very fine selection of tracks on this one. Haven’t heard the soundtrack or saw the movie in years, but I know it’s still a winner.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      ‘Compilation with extras,” I like that! Not unlike the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack, then! Or maybe I just like it because it sounds like ‘friends with benefits.’ Haha!

      I struggled with whether to include the intro, so thanks, Bruce. It was a shit situation for him, with addiction, depression and then the diagnosis (which turned out to be mis-diagnosis, but only autopsy revealed that). Anyway, the story is already well-covered and what could I possibly add to the pile? But I opted to include it because of how much he was a part of our lives for so long, so many films, so much great comedy. I was also always left with the sense that he was just a decent, caring person aside from all of that, too. What a life. Suicide does so much damage, and his was magnified, of course. Crazy times.

      Liked by 1 person

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