Michael Franti & Spearhead – Stay Human

Alright, here’s my last post for today (I swear!). After this, I’mm all caught up with posts for yesterday AND today! Who loves you, baby? The KMA loves you! And what’s next? It’s another disc I bought (on spec) for $0.99 at Sonic Boom…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 16 (CD)

From Wiki: Many of the tracks on this album are fictional radio segments focusing on the case of “Sister Fatima” who is executed by album’s end. In the Radio Segments, Governor Franklin Shane is played by Woody Harrelson.

This record has a sweet groove that’s jazzy, hip-hoppy, trip-hoppy, and soulful. I’d prefer to re-make it as a CDr without the radio bits. It’s a concept album, but the songs stand superbly alone.


10 thoughts on “Michael Franti & Spearhead – Stay Human

      1. boppinsblog says:

        I don’t have anything by them. I like island/Jamaican music though so if I see them I will buy.
        I have never seen a used copy out there unless I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

        Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 ok. Watch Season 1 right away.
        Woody and Mcconaughey are all right, all right, all right.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          This is some really good stuff. I would take out the radio stuff next time, though.

          Will see if we can get time to watch S1. Mike will say I need to watch all these Trailer Park Boys discs first, as I’ve been promising him for ages… 🙂


          1. boppinsblog says:

            Trailer Park Boys is awesome.
            I bet your wife will hate it though. Mine does. Goofy humour. Mostly for dudes. Very crass.

            However, True Detective is some amazing tv. I love cop shows and murder mysteries and this is one of the best. Pop it on. This may be one of the best cop style show s ever. TPB can wait. This can not.


            1. keepsmealive says:

              I fear you’re right, my lovely wife will probably not find TPB all that funny for that many seasons. We did both laugh at the movie, though. Oh man, those wedding vows… and the car-clearing stick… Hahahaha

              I would just like it on the record (in case Mike reads this) that I did say I should be getting into the TPB but you said I should put on TD… 🙂


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