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Kudos to Bruce for this excellent banner!

Kudos to Bruce for this excellent banner!


Welcome to the massive group effort Film [Soundtrack] Festival! From November 1-14, we’re covering all sorts of movie soundtracks. There’ll surely be lots for everybody! Huge thanks to Bruce at THE VINYL CONNECTION for this fantastic group post idea! COMMUNITY!

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Two soundtrack posts today? I had to, as I’d promised to do a soundtrack per day for the duration of this series, and I missed out on posting yesterday. Yes, I’ve dipped into Dennis, my hopper of posts, and am offering up extra stuff for your, er, edification… all in an effort to maintain my planned schedule! Brace yourselves for lots of KMA today!

I love this movie. The rebel, the tunes, Samantha Mathis’ bewbs. And the soundtrack is pretty sweet.

Except, given the news this week that Leonard Cohen died, hearing Concrete Blonde do a plodding rock-ish version of Everybody Knows didn’t help my mood. But we’re saved by the sweet soul of Ivan Neville’s Why Can’t I Fall In Love, which was very important in the film. You know the scene. Oh my. Liquid Jesus is next, with Stand. It’s like Black Crowes light, no sass and little blues like the Crowes, but you know that sound even at that. The Crowes could kill this song.

Pixies are next, with the amazing Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf). Any soundtrack that has this one on it is instantly cool in my books. Peter Murphy’s creepily-titled I’ve Got A Secret Miniature Camera is almost-B52s 80s dance pop. I’m not sold on this one in the mix.

And then it’s the might Bad Brains featuring one of my faves, Henry Rollins, covering the MC5’s Kick Out The Jams. Holy hell, if there’s a reason to buy this CD for one track, this’d be it! “Kick Out The Jams, motherfuckers!” YES! Shift without a clutch again into Above The Law’s sweet old school hip hop flow. I liked the message of the song, and the trumpets (I always cheer for the trumpets!). Clunk again into Soundgarden’s big guitar grungy swamp and Cornell’s wailing vocals on Heretic. Not their biggest hit, but still a fun Soundgarden track.

Ramp up the weirdness a bit more with Sonic Youth’s Titanium Expose, which rolls in on feedback and then rocks out in a slightly off-kilter off-key way. By the time the vocals kick in, I find myself wishing it had stayed an instrumental track. We also end with 1:20 more feedback. Ah well. Cowboy Junkies are next with Me And The Devil Blues, a slinky Junkies classic. It builds and builds, in volume and speed, until you’re completely hooked. Damn I love this band. And finally, it’s Chagall Guevara’s Tale O’ The Twister, a template 90’s pop rock tune. It’s alright but not great.

In Sum:

I love this movie, and I like this soundtrack. Lots of tunes to like here, and a few I could probably do without. So it goes!

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  1. Pump Up The Volume… Dance, Dance????

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  2. Yes!!! This was one of my favourite films when I was a teenager. And it really cottoned me on to how cool Leonard Cohen was. But agreed, Concrete Blonde’s is not my favourite Cohen cover.


    • Yup, love the film. I’m not typically a fan of any cover of Leonard’s stuff. They’re all just… okay…

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      • My wife is of the same mind. She believes that no one does Cohen better than Cohen. I can’t disagree there but there are some pretty good covers of Cohen: my first though goes to R.E.M.’s version of “First we take Manhattan”…


        • I just can’t help hearing the originals in my mind when I hear covers of his stuff. They’re so ingrained, other people doing them usually just rankles me. But I know lots of people like the covers so I try to be patient. 🙂

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  3. I liked the film but for some reason, don’t ask me what, I expected more from the ending. In the film, the main character puts in a tape with Covent Van Beethoven written on it. Was that actually them?


  4. Big fan of the movie too! Slater really had quite the run in the late 80s/early 90s


  5. Nice pick – I love this ST, but its annoying because there are so many other tracks used in the movie which aren’t on the ST.

    And I don’t want to sound like a dangerous obsessive, but boobs!

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    • Nothing dangerous about being an obsessive, especially for that scene. BEWBS!

      As for songs not in the film, Wiki has provided a public service:

      A number of songs prominently featured in the film did not appear on the officially released soundtrack, including the original version of “Everybody Knows” by Leonard Cohen, which appeared on his 1988 album, I’m Your Man. Although Cohen’s version serves as the theme song for Mark’s pirate radio program during most of the film, he opens his final broadcast with the Concrete Blonde cover that appears on the soundtrack. Another Cohen song appears briefly when Mark is talking about Malcom’s suicide on the air. The song is “If It Be Your Will” from Cohen’s 1984 release Various Positions. Also present in the film but absent from the soundtrack are “Hello, Dad, I’m in Jail” by Was (Not Was) from their 1988 album What Up, Dog?, “Fast Lane” by Urban Dance Squad from their 1990 album Mental Floss for the Globe, “Weinerschnitzel” by The Descendents from their 1981 EP Fat, “Love Comes in Spurts” by Richard Hell and the Voidoids from their 1977 album Blank Generation, and “Talk Hard” by Stan Ridgway, the original version of which has never been released (though Ridgway has released a live version of the song). “Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.” by Ice-T is played on a boombox outside of the school by some boys.

      Not as prominently featured is a legendary early track by the Beastie Boys entitled “The Scenario”. Although the song appears only briefly in Pump Up the Volume, it is notable because it never appeared in any official release, however is available on hard to find bootleg recordings. The song was cut from the Beastie’s Def Jam album Licensed to Ill after being deemed too explicit. Christian Slater’s character explains this when he introduces it on the air saying, “Now here’s a song from my close personal buddies, the Beastie Boys…a song that was so controversial they couldn’t put it on their first album.”

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  6. Yas! I loved this movie… used to watch it a fair bit and even wanted to start a pirate radio station as I got older (who didn’t, right). It was also the thin that got me hooked on Leonard Cohen…


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