Opeth – Sorceress

It’s an event – there’s a new Opeth record!

Persephone starts us off with acoustic guitar work worthy of a duo playing in the corner at a wedding. And then a lady yaps for a wee bit before Sorceress begins with some real psychedelic choogling. That doesn’t last long, though, before it takes on a satisfying heavy chug. Finally! There’s a bit of a Ghost feel to this one. I like it!

The Wilde Flowers is a choppy, romping tune that feels slightly like it shouldn’t work but it totally does. The organ makes it, and I like the middle breakdown bit into the guitar solo. Cool. Will O’ The Wisp brings back the strummy acoustics and goes a bit folky on us. But then the sound picks up, the band comes in, and we’re off to the races in a nice mid-tempo swinger. Chrysalis blasts in like Opeth of old, now this is what I was waiting for ooo yeah! It’s pounding, loud, and built to be epic. Yeah! It slows to a sweet groove with about 2:30 to go, and even fades right out like the album’s ending…

Sorceress 2 brings back the acoustic noodling and… a flute? This one has vocals too, very dreamy and floating… As an interlude, it’s OK… The Seventh Sojourn brings us into an Eastern feel with bongo drums. It’s an instrumental excursion with strings and strumming guitars. I liked it, though the falsetto vocals near the end were oddly placed. Strange Brew leads us in gently, but it wasn’t to last! Bam! Off we go to the races with soe absolutely crazy proggy freak out rocking. Woohoo that’s fun!  It gives and takes a bit before settling into a bluesy metal slinky tune that, so far, is the highlight track for me.

A Fleeting Glance starts off weirdly… is that a harpsichord? When the band comes in, it’s a good groove with those keys stabs throughout. Around 1:50 or so it goes full on metal guitars and fun time signature messing… It builds into a full-on epic ending worthy of Floyd, though. What an interesting tune! Era is next, with a minute or so of piano before the band blasts us off into the stratosphere again with a pounding (and counting) workout. Wow! This one totally rips! Another highlight track, for sure. And finally, Persephone (Slight Return) brings back the piano from the beginning or Era, and the lady yaps some more. As an end to the album proper, it works.

If that’s the CD you own, that’s one helluva wide-ranging disc, with lots of great moments and a few odd ones too! But of course, I got the 2CD set, so we’re not done yet…

The Ward starts out gentle, and then goes positively jazzy at high speed. It acoustic rocks a bit at the ‘chorus’ bit, but then rolls backs to the jazzy bit. I liked this track a lot! It probably should’ve been on the record, boys! Spring MCMLXXIV is a lighter-waving blues rocker ballad. The lead guitar here is amazing. The big organ solo at the end was fun, too!

And then we get three live tracks, recorded with the Plovdiv Philharmoinc Orchestra. Pale Communion’s Cusp Of Eternity is a big-boned tune made even larger by the orchestra. It’s a perfect melding of bands! Blackwater Park’s The Drapery Falls we know well. It starts out lighter, but then goes into full on growly vocals. The first time those vocals happen anywhere on this set! Once again, though, adding the orchestra totally works with the tune! And finally, were back to Pale Communion with Voice Of Treason (Live), which gets introduced as the first time they’ve payed it live, and since it’s the first time, why not do it with an orchestra! Sure, that’s what everyone does! But hot damn, this may be the best of the three live tracks, here. It has a fantastic groove, and it all fits perfectly. Hot damn! I love how he ends it, too, asking the crowd “not too shabby, right?” Haha awesome.

It should be noted, too, that the sound on all three live tracks is pristine, had to be soundboard. Gorgeous.

In Sum:

I think the album proper is going to take me a few more listens to get to it completely. But that’s OK, most every recent Opeth album does that to me, and I like it like that! But the second disc is an absolute must. If you’re in the shoppes and you have both copies in hand, definitely splurge for the 2CD version. Sorceress: I liked it! And soon enough, I’ll love it!

6 thoughts on “Opeth – Sorceress

  1. J. says:

    Sounds pretty interesting. I only have Pale Communion, which didn’t particularly do much for me… though I appreciate I should give it more time.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s an interesting listen that will unfold with future plays! If it helps, here’s what I wrote when I did a blurb on Pale Communion:

      Whatever approach they’re using, there’s always been something epic (in the truest sense of the word) about Opeth’s music. Pale Communion is a logical successor to Heritage (which I really liked). It takes all the best proggy/AIC elements from Heritage and goes even further afield into moments of Floydian, CSNY/folky, hell even some Tea Party-ish chord changes. In all, it reveals its mastery in layers – I recommend multiple listens! They’re a long way away from the distorted guitars and growly vocals of earlier albums, but the band has grown in amazing ways. Throw this record on late at night, with the good headphones on, and feel yourself transported into a world only this band can create. Incredible.

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