Wilco – A Ghost Is Born

I spent $3 for this one in Sonic Boom. It’s worth SO much more! Oh my goodness, what a record…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 35 (CD)

Easily one of my biggest scores of the Taranna trip, I absolutely fell in love with this record. I already love Wilco, but this one I’d never heard and WOW.

The band remains unafraid to try new things, dynamically exhilirating. Their music achives lift-off one minute, and gently caresses the next.

Take everything you already love about Wilco, the rock and country and ballads and indulgent creativity and keep pushing it forward. That’s this album.

Pure love!

12 thoughts on “Wilco – A Ghost Is Born

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Ha thanks Geoff! Easy to write that stuff about this band, though. You could sum up the discography, pretty much in two words: YES PLEASE!

      Yeah, I think it was $3 ‘cos it didn’t have the slipcover. But who needs a slipcover? Not this guy.

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  1. J. says:

    This is a great album. I have this one on vinyl (only Wilco vinyl at this point) and it sounds great. Also the only album they didn’t record ‘live’, I believe. If you don’t have it already, I’d recommend snapping up Kicking Television for the best versions of the tracks here. That’s probably one of the greatest live albums you’ll hear.


              1. J. says:

                Yeah, few gaps there. To be honest, there’s a couple between A Ghost Is Born and Star Wars that I didn’t think were essential. Still, there are great tracks on them… the albums were just unremarkable.


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