EAT 13

Y’all know I’m a pretty big fan of Robert Pollard and all of his musical activities. He’s one of the most prolific artists I know, and all of it’s awesome.

As if all of his musical projects aren’t enough, he’s also an excellent visual artist, working in collage. A lot of his album covers are his original artworks. And every so often, he releases a book collecting his work, all entitled EAT. They’re beautiful books, for sure.

When there’s a new release, I don’t even ask, I just order. So, not long ago I ordered the most recent edition, EAT 13, and it arrived at the house today. It’s 130 perfect-bound pages of more Robert Pollard awesomeness!

Sharp-eyed Readers will notice that there’s a little extra something in the bottom right corner of that cover page.

That’s right! This one is signed!

When I placed the order, I didn’t even notice in the write-up that if orders were placed before November 30, those copies would arrive signed by Bob himself.

When I opened mine today, I thought maybe the signature was just part of the cover image, but on closer inspection it is actually an autograph done with a marker.

To say this discovery made my day would be a total understatement!

Robert Pollard FTW!

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