My Other Other Other Other Other Woman

You may not know this about me, but I have drooled about Fender Telecasters for… an embarassingly long time. I’ve talked about them for years and years. Hell, I’ve dreamed of buying one of the damned things for over a decade, if that helps for scale.

I haven’t bored you with this tidbit, because probably boring. But back in July, I received some money for my birthday, to spend as I saw fit. And I decided to put it in an envelope and write the amount on it. And then every pay cheque, I’d slide a bit more money in there, just small amounts I’d never miss. The kind of money some people spend on pints at the pub, or a meal out, or a week’s worth of coffees at Timmies. I had no goal, no fixed amounts. Just let it add up, see what happened…

This Christmas, I received a wee bit more discretionary money and, lo and behold, it put me right on the dollar amount I’d need to be able to buy my other other other other other woman!*

*You see, my lovely wife, calls my guitars “the other women.” But then she laughs and says “well, at least I know where you are!”

I do love my lovely wife so much. But why so many (5) Other Women?

Other Woman 1: Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Other Woman 2: Art & Lutherie blue acoustic guitar
Other Woman 3: Fender G-DEC 15W amp
Other Woman 4: Pignose practice amp

And Other Woman 5? Well, I did the research. There are a zillion Telecaster models out there. All nice in their own ways, all slightly different in capability, materials, all ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands. But I settled on one for which I could not find a bad review anywhere on the internets. I watched countless demos on the Tubes Of You. Everyone loves them. Yes, it’s a budget model, and yes, its made in China. Yes, the body is pine (as they were, back in the day), not ash, and yes the neck is maple. But details details, they just got the whole damn thing right. One reviewer called it “sex made of wood.” Sold.

So I made my first-ever visit to our local Long & McQuade, on Tuesday. I played the Squier Classic Vibe in Vintage White. I played the Mexican FSR Tele. I played the American Standard Tele (it was $1999! Whoa.).

Round about then, the salesman came over to ask if I needed anything. I asked about getting a Classic Vibe in butterscoth blonde. Dude thought they were discontinued. They weren’t! And there would be one on the truck Thursday! It could be mine with a small deposit…

So, since I’d saved up the dough, I made the deposit. And I called after work on Thursday (yesterday), but the truck had been delayed and nothing was yet received. So I went to the shop after work today (Friday) and there it was. And now it’s mine!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a photo gallery of the unboxing of my brand new Squier (Fender) Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster. With a maple neck. In butterscotch blonde (natch).

In Sum:

Understatement Of The Year: I am so happy. Oh my goodness. I cannot stop fondling my other other other other other woman!

It plays sooooo well. Straight out of the box. No mods. Just plug in, tune, and go. HOT DAMN.

Life is good. I foresee years and years (and years) of pure bliss.


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  1. FUCK YES! That is gorgeous. (Liking the shelfie too!)


  2. Awesome Aaron! So pumped for u! Did u get the strap for it?


  3. WOW! Just…wow! I’ve never seen one in the box like that. Didn’t even know they came that way. Just awesome!


    • Yes indeedy, sir, WOW! is a great way to express it! Oh Mike, she’s a beautiful, beautiful new addition to the family!

      I’ve never unboxed a guitar either, it was a fun thing to do. They are packaged very well, comfy and protected in there, no problems. It didn’t take long, just peeling back layers and such, and then a wild Telecaster appears…


  4. Congrats! She is beautiful. Enjoy her.


  5. Yas! A beauty! Seriously nice guitar that one.


    • YAS!! I was super-thrilled when I actually got one in my hands and started playing. There’s only so many YouTube videos you can watch before you just need to get into the shoppes, ya know?

      Have you ever played a Classic Vibe? Pretty sure I recall you having a real, grown-up not-a-knock-off Tele, wondered how you thought they compared…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m a firm believer that you need to feel the guitar to hear it properly, so I know what you mean.

        I have a Telecaster Custom (which is a beautiful, beautiful thing), but I have looked at them when I was flirting with getting a traditional type Tele. I understand they are very sweet.


        • I didn’t play this one was I bought it (it was still in the box!) but I did play the CV Tele (in white) before buying… I had a good sense of it already!

          Mmmmm Tele Custom… so hot…

          If you’re ever in the shoppes, try a CV Tele. I think you’ll be impressed, especially for a budget guitar! If you don’t care what it says on the headstock, this is a sweet, sweet machine.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I will do. Gives me an excuse to drop into a guitar store and have a shot of some nice guitars!


            • You need an excuse to go into guitar shoppes? Dude, I just GO! 🙂

              There were many tempting guitars hanging on the walls, I wanted them all! Especially the Les Pauls hanging behind the counter oh baby…

              But I had this Tele in mind, and it was this Tele I would have. She’s so sweet!


              • Yeah. I generally don’t like ’em. Whenever I go it’s due to needing strings or suchlike… and I buy a few packs at a time now (and tend not to change strings that often – I haven’t changed the strings since I last recorded).


                • You don’t like guitar shoppes? Is it all the wankers hoping people will notice their “wizardry?” Is it pushy sales people?

                  I’m terrible about changing strings. Every time I finally do it’s like “whoa, this is a different guitar…” Haha

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Bit of both, fella – wankers with guitars and wankers selling guitars and all matter of accessories. I just want what I came in for, y’know!?


                    • Well, not much you can do about the wankers road-testing all the guitars they won’t be buying (but they’re still showing off anyway), but I haven’t run into too many staff that are that bad, in my travels… usually they ask if I need help. If I do, they help. If not, I get left to wander… You should come shop here!


                    • There’s a music store here I like a lot, mostly cause I know a bunch of the guys, but it moved and I haven’t been in a while. The others can leave me be…


                    • Excellent, shop there! In my town: We’d had a crowded little shop downtown for years and years. It was OK, they could get stuff in, had the essentials. The owner sold it to the corporate shoppe and they opened this new location last fall. Going in to buy my Tele was my trip in there – I haven’t allowed myself to go in because I was saving up for the Tele and was waiting for the full amount before going in (discipline!). I didn’t find too much wrong with it. It was clean and bright, and the staff were helpful. The only person making noise was a wee kid at the back, banging on an electronic drum kit. No worries!

                      Liked by 1 person

  6. Time for a solo album ….


  7. Aaron, your other other other other other woman’s gorgeous – I wish you nothing but happiness together!


  8. Aw, she’s Gorgeous! My husband also has other women…a Gibson SG, an Epiphone, a bass, and acoustic, a Marshall stack…


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