Sloan – Kids Come Back Again At Christmas / December 25

Another day of pause in the IOU Series… I know! I will get back to it. But today involves another of my favourite blogging things:


And this post also counts as Christmas 2016: Part 2!


Herein lies a tale:

For some reason, I’ve had issues with the Sloan emailing list. I don’t get the emails (which is kinda the point), and I know I am signed up properly. Hm.

Now, as you all know, I’ve already noted several times in these pages that James is an internet wizard, and he has managed to procur for me copies of several of these limited edition Sloan releases, over the years. In fact, thanks to James, my lovely wife, and my Mom, I currently own all of the limited Sloans! It’s a streak I would love to see unbroken!

So. It seems that James properly receives the Sloan emails. And so he emailed me a while back, did I know about the new Sloan Christmas single, going on sale in early November (2016)?

Huh? What? NO! I WANTS ONE!

He said he’d get one for me, as he was ordering for himself. Awesome. And then, typical James, he wouldn’t take cash monies for it, saying “Merry Christmas” instead. Dude. Duuuuuude.

I have, many times, told you all that James rocks… He sure does. Oh man.

And what a thing of beauty this 45 is. It contains (copied from the official Sloan site):

  • 2 brand new original Sloan Christmas compositions
  • “Kids Come Back Again at Christmas” & “December 25”
  • Seasonal red translucent 7″ vinyl single
  • 4 holiday greeting cards featuring Andrew Scott wintery collages and red envelopes
  • Digital download of both songs
  • Ltd. edition of only 500 copies

The songs are awesome. You can hear them  HERE  and  HERE.

Man, Patrick looks so different in that video for Kids… grizzly! And Jay is still using his trusty Tele Thinline. Awesome. I really like Chris’ vocals on this one, and Andrew’s drumming is totally him. And I totally love December 25. Could it be any more perfectly Sloan? No. These guys have a knack for taking the sum of their parts and making a whole that sounds wholly like themselves. So great. Quite influenced by all their OCTA work recently too, methinks. Beautiful tune.

I dig the greeting cards, too. Andrew’s artwork is lovely, and the greetings are fun:

“Drink Up To Your Health”* (Merry Merry One And All!)
“I’m just walking around, I made that snowsuit sound!”^ (Happy Holidays To You And Yours)
“We’re here waiting for you, baby!”~ (Warmest Greetings Of The Season)
“I’ll be there with bells on!”+ (Wishing You Peace And Joy!)

* from A-Sides Win
^ from Snowsuit Sound
~ from Everything You’ve Done Wrong
+ from Bells On

In Sum:

James. Jaaaaaaaaaaaames. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!



PS: This is the info blurb from the official Sloan web site about this release, for those who want more straight from Jay:

What did you find yourself doing on the hottest day of this past summer? Hanging at the beach? Going for a swim? Relaxing with a book under a tree? Having a tall cool drink by the pool? How about standing in front of a microphone with sleigh bells and singing about snowballs, sleighs and Christmas day? That’s the position we found ourselves in this past August while recording a brand new 7” single of 2 original Christmas songs. I think It’s safe to say that it was a challenge, but we still managed to get into the holiday spirit while it was 39 degrees (that’s 102 degrees fahrenheit, American friends) outside the studio.

We’ve tried our hand at Christmas recordings before. In 2011 “The Twelve Days of Christmas” got an elaborately musical treatment that would have made Perry Como do a Hollywood style double-take, while Slade’s “Merry X-Mas Everybody” got a rocking tribute in 2012 commandeered by Patrick on lead vocals.  This year we decided to add 2 original songs to the canon of holiday fare. On Side A, Chris, with Patrick harmonizing along side, takes the lead on his galloping, acoustic driven future-holiday-classic “Kids Come Back Again at Christmas”. On Side B, I contributed a snowy piano song suitable for a slow skate called “December 25”. Thanks as well to our Gregory Macdonald for adding his touch of seasonal splendour to these recordings.

Andrew chimed in with the wintery collage artwork found on the 7” cover and the 4 Christmas cards that come with this package. The cards feature seasonal messages inside in the form of lyrics from our catalogue. Some miiiight be a stretch, but hopefully the merry sentiment remains intact and your relatives and recipients won’t be puzzled!

One final note: as a tribute to our One Chord To Another album that we’ve been celebrating this year, the drums on these new songs were recorded direct to 4-track cassette just as we did with that album 20 years ago. I’m not sure if Chris’ or my engineering skills have improved since 1996, but I still think they sound kinda cool. 

I’ve added more blank C-90 cassettes to my Xmas wish list.

From us to you, please have a merry holiday season and a happy new year!

Yo Ho Ho,
Jay F. 
November 2016.

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