The Cult – Hidden City

Alright, Constant Readers, we’re back to my IOU Series. Both Deke and Mike requested I cover this one (at least, that’s what my note about it says). It was also, apparently, requested that this be a 200 word post, so that’s what I did…

For real reviews with actual perspective on this one, check out the excellent reviews by:



This doesn’t sound like a band formed in 1983… there’s a youthful energy, here.  Then again, it definitely sounds like a band around for 30+ years, as it’s savvy, well-oiled, and rocks with an ease and polish that younger bands can only dream of for their future selves… Huge songs, well-written and gripping, the work here is heavy on the guitars and on the groove. Two things we all love about Cult songs, surely. Damn, these guys are masters.

Bob Rock’s production breathes easily, and really makes the speakers push the air. This lets the songs stand strong, and they sure as hell do. My fave track, at the moment, is G O A T, which is a bluesy bar room brawl that keeps demanding I play it again and again. Goddamn, that’s a monster. Singles on the album, all excellent tracks, include Dark Energy, Hinterland, and No Love Lost.

Now, I’m no expert on the Cult. I live mostly by Pure Cult (and my shock that Soldier Blue wasn’t included on it), but this album kicks all sorts of ass. It rocks, pure (Cult) and simple.

Bloody brilliant and great.

8 thoughts on “The Cult – Hidden City

  1. stephen1001 says:

    G O A T – I always thought ‘goat’ was a bad thing in sports (the one blamed for a loss = the goat) but my students use it as an acronym for Greatest of All Time.
    Looks like in this case for you Aaron, G O A T is fittingly the greatest of all tracks!


  2. J. says:

    Yup. Don’t think you need to be an expert to confirm that this is a winner. Definitely a great album… and one that continues to reveal a wee bit more on each listen. A right cracker.


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