Tragically Hip – Now For Plan A

A-ways back, I did a whole series of all the Tragically Hip albums… except for this one. Why? It hadn’t been released yet, for inclusion in that series. I did Man Machine Poem when it came out, but for some reason never threw this one into the mix. It was Master Chart-Builder and blogger extraordinaire Geoff at 1001albumsin10years that pointed out my oversiiiiiight! So of course I promised I’d get it done… and sat on it… and now here it finally is, in the IOU Series.

It’s weird to write about this now, knowing what we do. But I’ll do my best to give this an honest go-through

At Transformation was, of course, the big single and I’m sure you already know it well. It’s a decent track with a driving beat that I’m sure will stand up in the pile of singles as a solid representative of late-period Hip. Man Machine Poem is next, interesting now that we know that it’s the title of the next record… a great mid-tempo Hip track, a feeling of searching and hoping, of lift over adversity via satisfying guitars…

The Lookahead (featuring Sarah Harmer on backing vocals) soars and floats and keeps that rocking but gentle feel. This could’ve been a track on World Container, if that helps you place the feel. We Want To Be It, with its haunting “drip drip drip” repetitions has got to be about his wife’s time in the hospital with her own cancer fight, which makes the track even more harrowing. Don’t let the jaunty beat fool you.

Streets Ahead, the second single, picks up the pace considerably, and oh man would this one ever have been great live. It’s the type of Hip track that would achieve lift-off, for sure. You know the ones I mean… Now For Plan A is just a gorgeous track, atmospheric and roomy (and Sarah Harmer returns on backing vocals). Gordie even knows it’s good as he starts the lyrics with “Yeah, I know I know I know…” Haha awesome. This track is an album highlight.

The Modern Spirit is another Hip rocker to which you can’t help but tap your feet. It has a sassy bounce that’s damn infectious. About This Map is one I keep coming back to, for its glorious groove and the way all of the pieces are put together in that way that only the Hip can do it. I listen along, wondering if this is the same map that he can’t believe you dotted… Another album highlight, for me.

Take Forever lays down a solid rock riff (pure Hip, of course), and then drives it forward with strength and a restless energy. Another one that would be perfect in concert. Done And Done meanders gorgeously, in no hurry but still holding your rapt attention as the tune unfolds and unwinds.

Goodnight Attawapiskat rocks bluesily and hardly seems like a goodnight lullaby at all. But it’s pure Hip, another full-on, no holds barred track that tastefully covers all their usual bases while still sounding unique. It’s also a good lesson about bad history. The electronic wash noise at the end seems to hint at more…

In Sum:

This is a short record, at under 40 minutes. But its 11 tracks are so packed with quality moments and music that it feels much fuller. I know I loved this one back in 2012, but it tends to be a wee bit neglected in the rotation these days, so I am super-thrilled to hear it again now. And guess what? I loved it all over again.

Superb Hip record. Thanks for the reminder, Geoff!

16 thoughts on “Tragically Hip – Now For Plan A

  1. mikeladano says:

    Going with what Deke says, the Hip remind me of Blue Rodeo. The weight of those first five records…they’ve done great records since, as good as the first ones. But the first ones remain special. Similar to the Hip. Having said that I liked this one.


  2. J. says:

    Nice review. I only listened once or twice when Geoff was doing his Hip series, but I quite liked this one.

    Always nice when a neglected album falls back into rotation, eh?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yay! So are you a Hip fan now? Want us to send you ALL the records? 🙂

      Sadly, with as many records as I own, a ton get neglected. Even bands I’ve loved since high school (like these guys).


      1. J. says:

        I think I have all the Hip now. Not LP, right enough, so feel free to send me them 😉

        But aye, I know what you mean about neglecting stuff you love as a result of having so much to listen to. I’m trying to listen to at least three new to me albums a week. Figure that would be good going if I can do it!


        1. keepsmealive says:

          All the Hip is the only way to have it! Way to go! As for the LPs, well, originals are stupid-expensive. They’re getting reissued, but that’d still be an expensive project… 😉

          Three new records a week is definitely doable. Can you do three new records AND three new reviews? [he asks with fingers crossed 🙂 ]

          Liked by 1 person

                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Well, I listen to music all the time, and I can type pretty quick. A usual post only takes me about 20 minutes from starting typing to posted, picture and all. So it’s not all that much of a demand on my time, usually…

                  Haha machines. Crazy, more like! 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

  3. deKE says:

    The Hip set the bar way too high in regards to the first 4 studio albums.(my opinion) and like any great band there are certain era’s when your a fan that will stick more…
    That just goes to show you how deep the catalogue is when you discover a piece of work that you may have some what skipped the first time through…
    Geoff ! He’s the HIP Beat Cop! Nothing is getting past his radar! hahaha…
    Nice review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stephen1001 says:

      Master Chart Builder/Hip Beat Cop – with your permission, I’m putting you guys on my CV/resume as references!!
      Thanks for addressing the oversiiiiiiiiiiiiight Aaron, this was a nice surprise this morning.
      This album was badly neglected by me up until last summer, what a difference it was listening to it given the new harrowing context – like you said, don’t be fooled by the upbeat melodies.
      Goodnight Attawapiskat was the real standout for me last year but as you correctly observed again, the 40 minutes are packed with plenty to love!

      Liked by 1 person

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