Ahead By A Century

‘Twas the mighty Boppin who emailed to let us Canucks know that the Hip’s new wine, the Ahead By A Century chardonnay, was in stores last week. It has been released in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Trouble At The Henhouse LP.

I went looking for a bottle of it in our town’s shoppe on release day, and they’d only received one case (whut). I got the penultimate bottle, and the lady who rang it through for me told me I was super lucky to get one:

They’d also received the 2015 Fully Completely, so I snagged one of those, too. Here is my current collection, the Ahead By A Century chardonnay, flanked by the 2012* and 2015 Fully Completelys:



* All of you savvy KMA Readers will recall when I got this bottle of the 2012, and I’d posted to say I was waffling as to whether I should drink it or not. Most said I should drink it, but ultimately I did not. It’s still unopened today! I mentioned it to the head of the wine department in our shoppe and he said “ooooh that was the good year, nicely done!”


15 thoughts on “Ahead By A Century

  1. stephen1001 says:

    I tried to get a bottle yesterday as a housewarming gift for a friend – the shopkeeper gave me an ‘are you kidding?’ look when I asked if they had any of the chardonnay left. Not a chance in Kingston, they were gone the morning of release, people lined up when the LCBO opened!


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