Slayer – Decade Of Aggression


What do you want to know about this 1991 double live album that you can’t already guess for yourself? It’s fucking SLAYER! playing a lot of their biggest songs at top volume, with full aggression and power, at 100mph, and playing them flawlessly.

It’s nuts, I mean, Araya has to ask the crowd to watch out for each other, and they’re only two tracks into the gig. There’s one woman who screams joyfully whenever a song is announced, and her voice cuts through everything. The whole thing is so in your face, so friggin’ LOUD… whoa.

King and Hanneman’s solos are insane, and Lombardo is a monster on his kit. Araya delivers, as always. Was there ever a doubt? Hahaha no.

In Sum:

SLAYER!!!!  \m/  \m/


Notes For The Info Junkies Among Us:

These recordings represent three different dates on their Clash Of The Titans tour (see indicators, below), but Wiki says Rick Rubin made it sound like all one show. The CD1 is all from one show, and CD 2 collects tracks from two other gigs.

CD1^: Hell Awaits / The Anti-Christ / War Ensemble / South Of Heaven / Raining Blood / Altar Of Sacrifice / Jesus Saves / Dead Skin Mask / Seasons In The Abyss / Mandatory Suicide / Angel Of Death

CD2: Hallowed Point~ / Blood Red~ / Die By The Sword* / Black Magic* / Captors Of Sin* / Born Of Fire* / Post Mortem~ / Spirit In Black* / Expendable Youth* / Chemical Warfare*

^ all of CD1 was recorded 1991-07-13 at Lakeland Coliseum in Lakeland, Florida.
~ recorded 1990-10-14 at Wembley Arena, London, England.
* recorded 1991-03-08 at Orange Pavilion, San Bernardino, California.

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