Becoming The Martyr – It Seems More Likely Sickness

Hailing out of Red Deer, AB, Becoming The Martyr rocked like hell.

Yep, I had to use the past tense. They were briefly active, 2005-2008, and only had this one LP, It Seems More Likely Sickness. It’s heavy as fuck, and really rather epic-sounding. I don’t always go for the demon-screaming vocals, but they fit these songs, and are kept to a minimum (usually). I still prefer it when he actually sings…

Anyway, the band is rock solid, and the riffs are cut from solid steel. The songs are intricate, but not overwhelming. They also usually go about 100 mph, which is awesome. Some of it brings Baroness and Mastodon, even Dragonforce to mind… The musicianship is stellar. Labels on web sites I found call it “melodic metalcore,” or “blackened metalcore.” I’m sure there are folks that know the difference, and what’s meant by these…

The production here is also noteworthy. This is just a great-sounding CD. Nothing is buried, the mix is perfect, and everything rings clear and true and frickin’ huge.

I bought this CD on spec, at work. It was still in the shrinkwrap! When I got it home and, upon opening it up, was greeted by the motto “GIVE US METAL OR GIVE US DEATH!!!!,” I knew I was onto something…

In Sum:

I really loved this CD, and will be playing it again. And again.

14 thoughts on “Becoming The Martyr – It Seems More Likely Sickness

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Man, now I hope I wasn’t wrong! I always sort of cringe when I start making comparisons like that. I could be way off base and lose all my street cred, er…! Hahaha I can hear a lot of different stuff in there, is all. And it all rocks pretty damn hard = FTW!

          I Googled “artists similar to Becoming The Martyr” and got a whole list of bands I’ve never heard of, with photos full of unsmiling young men, their arms crossed, in jeans in black t-shirts haha!


          1. J. says:

            “unsmiling young men, their arms crossed, in jeans in black t-shirts”. Pretty much how I imagine Becoming The Martyr looking.


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