Couldn’t Stand The Weather

Again, thanks to all who wished me well!

Day three, and I know you’re all riveted with how sick my pathetic ass is, lately. I ended up calling sick yesterday (Friday) too. I’d woken myself up coughing to the point of struggling for breath, around 3 a.m. I was awake until the alarm went off at 6:45. Nope, no way was work happening! Fortunately, my boss was understanding.

So again I had that thought, like “Hey I have the house to myself! I should do tons of stuff!” Aaaaaaaand I lay around all day doing nothing. I watched a Statham movie (they always cheer me), the Italian Job (yes, a remake of the old one). Then I started one of my favourite battle/strategy/kung fu films of all time, Red Cliff. It’s 288 minutes long (that’s almost 5 hours), each DVD has about 140 minutes on it. Anyway, it’s just so beautifully done, and so perfectly acted, and John Woo directed it, so the fight scenes are awesome… but my head wasn’t really into following the plotting and reading all the subtitles today. I totally recommend it (though make sure you get the full film, not the 150 minute edited version), if you ever want to watch an unsung hero of an epic frickin’ film. I love it completely.

Anyway, I still haven’t played any tunes, which is frustrating because I have a ton of cool stuff to cover here…

Ach, here’s some more silly pictures…

18 thoughts on “Couldn’t Stand The Weather

  1. deKE says:

    I was shit kicked for two solid weeks… was ruff but working at 7am M-F helped as I could just get up and go and get it over with. Having said that it was torture a few mornings but I slogged by and not fun working when your in the dumps thats for sure.
    the cold lingered around for about 4-5 weeks in total….sinus/plugged left year….Gah!
    This year has been the worst…Sue has been slammed harder and last night she told me she felt her throat getting sore again!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Ha I replied to this in another comment. Hooboy. I was saying man you’re tougher than me, no way was I working. I’d have been useless, and sent home anyway. I hope Sue doesn’t get hit again, hope she avoids it!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha yeah his movies always fill me with a silly glee. I wish I could have concentrated better on Red Cliff though. I love that movie.

      Yup, lazing about, tons of fluids, mild foods. Ugh. No coffee in… well, today is day 5.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Today is less ‘run over by a steamroller’ and more ‘run over by a truck.’ I am still avoiding my family because I am Plague Man, but a hot shower and some food has made me feel marginally better!


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