Down With The Sickness

This started out out as a one or two post thing, with me figuring I would be back to fighting form fairly quickly (as is my usual). This goes on much longer, it could turn into a friggin’ series!

And so today was more of the same. In fact, now I can add dizziness to the lack of energy. Oh joy! I went with the kids to their swimming lessons this morning. We were at the pool for an hour. And that was enough to do me in for most of the day – and I wasn’t even in the water!

J. suggested tea and cookies would help. I’ve been downing a lot of tea already (with honey for the sore throat), but I hadn’t considered cookies. Which is some fundamental failure on my part, knowing as I do that cookies solve many problems. J. had suggested chocolate digestives and man, that sounded just right. So my lovely wife went out today for groceries and came back with two packets of McVities’ milk chocolate digestives. The real UK McCoy! Did I ever tell you I love that lady? ‘Cos I do.

So, since I haven’t watched any movies or listened to any tunes today (!) (I know, but it wouldn’t help the headache), I’m just gonna cheat and throw in a couple more pictures and call that enough. Man, we’ve got hockey game tickets for tomorrow (hope I can make it), and then I gotta work on Monday! I’m running outta time to feel this shitty.


21 thoughts on “Down With The Sickness

  1. Stoneygate says:

    Hope you are feeling better… I can recommend chocolate hobnobs if British biscuits are the thing (I think those are also made by McVities, so hopefully available!)


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Stoneygate! Ooooo Hob Nobs! I remember those! I first had them during my visits to the UK… I’ll look, but I don’t know if they’re available here. Our “international” food sections tend to not have a whole lot. I was impressed they had the digestives! I will look, though, now that you’ve mentioned them.

      Ohhh also, Time Outs. Do they still sell Time Out bars? Man I loved those, never see them here.


  2. deKE says:

    Sick As A Dog as Aero once sang!
    Sorry your still feeling shitty Dude!
    Just rest all day …may have to skip that Hockey Game as a cold arena might not help the cause…
    Rest up….
    How’s the rest of the fam holding up?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      You’re tougher than me, Deke. No way was I going to work Thu-Fri.

      I really wanna go to this game – it’s an NHL alumni game!

      No one else here has it, thank goodness. I’ve been quarantining myself.


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