Police – Certifiable

I picked up this set at work, surprised that no one bought it before me. It sat there for a few days, despite my pricing it low, and it looked forlorn so of course I had to rescue it. This one I have here is the 2DVD/2CD set. 

Details? Go Wiki!

Certifiable: Live in Buenos Aires is a live album and concert video by The Police. It was recorded in December 2007 during the band’s reunion tour and was released in November 2008. The album was released in the US exclusively through Best Buy. The album has a number of releases including a four disc version containing two CDs and two DVDs. The two CDs contain the live album from River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The first DVD contains the 109-minute wide-screen concert presented in Dolby Surround and Stereo. The concert film was directed and produced by Jim Gable and Ann Kim, of Graying & Balding, Inc. The second DVD contains the 50-minute bonus feature, “Better Than Therapy,” directed by Stewart Copeland’s son Jordan Copeland, detailing The Police’s reunion with behind-the-scenes interviews from the band and road crew, plus two photo galleries of The Police on tour: one shot by guitarist and photographer Andy Summers, and one by photographer Danny Clinch. The DVDs were also released on Blu-ray format. A triple vinyl format was also released that contained a digital download of the concert.

Honestly, it’s everything you’d want from a 2007 Police reunion gig. The band sounds great, the video quality is excellent, the set list is crazy good, and the crowd was definitely into it.

The documentary (DVD2) is fun. The band really fought each other, whatever caused their break-up has held on over all these years. To even do this was really something. A month of rehearsals and fighting each other leads to a gig at the Whiskey A Go-Go. Questions from the crowd included Taylor Hawkins and ?uestlove. They retire to Tuscany to rehearse for months. Tickets sell like crazy (over a million in seemingly no time). Finally they kick off and away it all goes. Crazy good. Check out this set to find out how much it kills. Damn.

Check out Stewart Copeland on the opening track of the gig. This one’s for Rich! Yes sir!


The Tracks:

CD1: Message In A Bottle / Synchronicity II / Walking On The Moon / Voice In My Head/When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Around / Don’t Stand So Close To Me / Driven To Tears / Hole In My Life / Truth Hits Everybody / Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic / Wrapped Around Your Finger.

CD2: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da / Invisible Sun / Walking In Your Footsteps / Can’t Stand Losing You/Reggatta de Blanc / Roxanne / King Of Pain / So Lonly / Every Breath You Take / Next To You.

DVD1: Same as CD1/CD2.

DVD2: Better Than Therapy (documentary), two photo galleries.

14 thoughts on “Police – Certifiable

    1. keepsmealive says:

      No surprise to me that it was great, but HOW great it was was a bit mind-blowing. Wowzers!

      Haha I don’t think (of the three) that Sting is the only, as you say, douche…


      1. mikeladano says:

        If HMO is right and it’s rare now, maybe I should have got it back then. What I wanted really was the CDs, but they were never sold separately so far as I recall.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I found it highly enjoyable. They really weren’t getting along, at first, but strong artists will always clash. Telling was one moment when Sting says “Here I am in a band where I can’t fire anybody. So I had to learn to negotiate…”

      I had a look, it can still be had for about $20 on our Amazon secondary sellers…That I paid $5 is immaterial…

      Liked by 1 person

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