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Brace yourselves for the icy musical blast of Inukshuk, the best thing to come out of the Canadian north since the road south. The band says they’re “pretty excited, eh” to release their first album, We Cairn A Lot. Their blend of rock and roll stylings can best be described as a desperate attempt to, as guitarist Gord Brown put it, “be warmer where there are more people.”

Don’t get them wrong, they love the north. It’s in their blood, and the traditions and way of life above the tree line will always be a part of their lives. When asked why they would tour the south, given how popular the band is at home, bassist Gordon Murphy said “It’s fuckin’ cold up there, eh.” Hard to argue, Gordon!

Described as part Crazy Horse, part Ramones, and part Bachman Turner Overdrive, Inukshuk’s music is sure to please many fans of that good ol’, dirty rock and roll. When asked about their influences, lead singer Gord Smith said “We only had three tapes, ya know. There was Crazy Horse, Ramones, and BTO. So… they got played a lot.” Thanks for clearing up the mystery of your sound, Gord!

Here is the line-up of these northern brothers, and wee bios for each member:

GORD TREMBLAY – drums. Best know for lighting his farts on fire while wearing only a fur-lined aviator hat, Gord knows one beat and he’s sticking to it.

GORDON MURPHY – bass. Gordon is an avid painter, stemming from his time painting houses. “I got real good at straight lines, ya know.” Just like his bass playing!

GORD BROWN – guitar,vocals. Gord loves popping bubble wrap bubbles when he’s not playing guitar. And don’t offer to share your beers, he’ll drink them all. “Every time, too,” says Gordie Gagnon.

GORDIE GAGNON – lead guitar, vocals. Father of 14 children, Gordie is also a lean, mean, axe-wielding machine. When asked where he got his guitar prowess, he said “I had lots of time to practice, ya know, ‘cos I was always hiding from the damn kids.”

GORD SMITH – lead vocals. Gord is the reticent, level-headed band member. That is, until he gets on stage. “When I feel those spotlights, ya know, the ones from the community shed? Those come on and, man, something just comes over me and I remember I gotta sing.”

What a team, eh?

Inukshuk will be touring Ontario for their exciting debut album, We Cairn A Lot, through June/July 2017 on their B-Line For The Border Tour. Gigs have been booked in Ontario only. They’ve even been lucky enough to add a special opening act gig for one date with legendary Canadian rockers Snowshoe on their “Eternal Winter” tour*, so be sure to mark your calendars for the following dates!

Inukshuk: B-Line For The Border Tour

June 15 – Fort Severn – Roadside ditch, a mile or so south of town

June 19 – Pikangikum – Gary’s house

June 23 – Sioux Lookout – Sue’s Lookout

*June 29 – Thunder Bay, Ontario – Deke’s Palace (opening for Horseshoe)*

July 2 – Wawa – Wah Wah’s

July 3 – Sault Ste. Marie – Soo-ee Pig’s

July 6 – Parry Sound – the hockey rink (not the big one, the other one)

July 8 – Owen Sound – Camp KOA, site 14 (bring lawnchairs and firewood)

July 10 – Goderich – Ye Olde Gaol

July 12 – Sarnia – The Cupboard To Sarnia

July 13 – Windsor –  NB: gig pending. Band may have already done a runner over the border…

So be sure and catch Inukshuk on their first (and probably last) tour, the B-Line For The Border! They’re real good guys, ya know, and as Gord Tremblay put it best, “All proceeds from the gigs and album sales will pay for beer and for us to get outta here, man. Oh, and, uh, thanks, eh.”

Inukshuk we hardly knew ye!

22 thoughts on “Inukshuk – We Cairn A Lot

  1. mikeladano says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this album for a while. My favourite member is Gord. I hear they are working on a cover of the Glorious Sons’ “Gordie”.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I know, me too. It has taken forever to drop. Which Gord? Tremblay, Brown, or Smith? 🙂 I can’t pick a favourite, honestly. They’re all so special.

      That’d be a great cover. They need Gord Downie and Gordon Lightfoot on the track. With Gordie Johnson producing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hoax? Why would you call a hoax on today, of all days?

      Fourteen kids is the giveaway. He’d have to be a Catholic from Quebec for that…

      The band mix is totally believable too, especially ‘cos they were all on cassette.

      Liked by 1 person

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