54-40: All The Everything Pt.3

As you can see, I own 8 albums by 54-40. But even in this, I do not own nearly enough 54-40. There’s no excuse, really, as I’ve had years (decades) to collect it. Really, I need to get on this, as I truly do enjoy their music. There’s something hypnotic to their rockin’, something that just pulls me in and holds me there and it’s all one big happy.

The band’s discography sprawls a bit (as you might expect, starting as they did in 1981), with 13 studio albums, a whole whack (that’s an official measurement) of singles and EPs, about 7 compilations, and a live album.

I’ve written about a few of their records in the KMA pages already – having gone back and re-read them for this project, my reviews stand. But as I was saying to Deke in the comments elsewhere, even if I’m linking to old work in these posts, I am actually going back and listening to all of this stuff again. It’s only fair. And it’s a further sign that KMA goes to every length to do things right! Besides, if I disgreed with my old posts, I would correct things in this series. Deal? Deal.

Anyway, if you see 54-40 in the shoppes, buy them all with confidence! Oh, and of course, these are all Hit. Not a single Quit in these 8 efforts. Natch.


1987 – Show Me (LP)

Their third record, this one has big hits One Day In Your Life and One Gun and a whole pile of other great tunes that shoulda been hits. I’m very happy to own this one on LP!

1991 – Sweeter Things: A Compilation (CD)

1992 – Dear Dear (CD)

1994 – Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret (CD) here and here too!

1994 – Steal This Cd (Promo, Ltd. Ed.) (CD)

1996 – Trusted By Millions (CD)

Their seventh album, here we have more 54-40 awesomeness, including Lies To Me and Love You All. I wanna say Cheer Up Peru was on the radio too? Shoulda been. Anyway, this is yet another record of 54-40 awesome, this time for the mid-90s. Yessir!

1998 – Since When (CD)

2016 – La Difference: A History Unplugged (CD)

Holy mackerel, this is brilliant. An acoustic effort, this is the band 35 years after they started, revisiting and re-recording some of their biggest hits. Lots of cool new touches to the songs, like horns and piano and new arrangements. It’s groovy, it’s super-fun, and every song is obviously deserving of inclusion. Wish it had been a 3CD!

Check it out: Ocean Pearl / She La / Since When / One Day In Your Life / Baby Ran / I Go Blind / One Gun / Crossing A Canyon / Casual Viewin’ / Lies To Me.

See? Frickin’ awesome.

Series Stats:

3 posts
16 albums

13 hit
3 quit

14 CD
1 LP
1 CS


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  1. Brilliant series thus far. I love the stats at the bottom and I am sure they will provide a wealth of post-worthy info later on. 3 out of 13 quits is really not bad at all!

    And 54-40 FTW naturally.

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  2. These guys are great. Another one of those Canadian bands etched into our country’s collective consciousness. I remember overhearing one of their concerts years ago from my downtown Ottawa back deck and recognizing every single song, even though I’ve never considered myself a real fan.

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  3. I’m enjoying the return of this series. Another great choice to spotlight.


    • Thanks Danica! This series is gonna be here for a good loooong while – I have just a few albums to hear!

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      • I’m looking forward to more. Haha, I can imagine!


        • Stick around, there’s a ton to get through. I’m not even into the letter ‘A’ yet, I’m still on ‘# for names’ bands!

          I do wanna get through everything here, though. And I need to get more ruthless in the Hit It Or Quit It department. The Man Cave is filling up… 54-40 though, they are an automatic keeper.

          Liked by 1 person

          • It’s challenging to streamline but sometimes it has to be done. Glad we’re along for the journey.
            Definitely, all 54-40 should be kept. They’re one of those low-key bands that I listen to once in a while and every time I do I think, ‘this is so good!’


            • The streamlining HAS TO be done. My lovely wife says I can have the Man Cave, but I cannot spill out of that room – if it fills up, some of the stuff has to go! 🙂 We’ll really see more Quits, I think, when I get into the vinyls I have here that I was given for free. Then again, who knows. I might love them all! Oh dear…

              54-40 is great for any occasion. Keep your eyes on your inbox today!

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              • That’s very reasonable! 🙂 Yes, it’s sure to be a challenging and possibly painful process. Luckily, I can think of a few amazing bloggers who happen to like vinyl….
                Will do! Something to look forward to! Yay! 🙂


                • My lovely wife is a very reasonable person. It’s the only way to survive my crazy! 😉 I’ll have a hard time parting with stuff – I love all the records, on the music level – but I know I can’t keep them all. I already mourn setting aside the 10,000 Maniacs stuff!

                  Hope you enjoy when it comes through!

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                  • Haha, you’re a lucky man! 🙂 Hmmm… I’m guessing you’re already making the most of the space? Have you maxed out the shelf space, up to the ceilings and maybe lined up in areas like compact library shelving?
                    I have no doubt I will! Thank you. 🙂


                    • I’m an incredibly lucky man, my lovely wife rules. We have a long-time history (we were in the same kindergarten class, friends now for 37 years, together 19 of those, married 13 of those), so I’d say we’re pretty damn good! 🙂

                      My Man Cave set-up is decent right now – things do go pretty much to the ceiling. I could re-jig things a wee bit to make more space, potentially, though it’s a small bedroom space so at some point it would just be completely limited anyway. Besides, if I created more space I’d just buy more stuff and eventually it’d reach hoarder levels… better that I make sure I keep what I really want and move the rest along. Hence the series!

                      My Outbox is empty now, so it should be with you shortly! And you’re welcome!

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                    • I remember the kindergarten class history. That’s something very special.
                      Right, that makes sense. You can only listen to so much anyway….
                      Awesome. 🙂


                    • Yup, she’s completely special! And actually, this fall marks 14 years married, thus proving she just gets braver and braver too…

                      As for only listening to so much, I tend to have music on most (if not all) of the time, so to me it’s just a matter of getting tunes into yer ears! But yeah, at the end of this series I will have honestly played every record in the house. That’s pretty damn cool.

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    • Also, absolutely. 54-40 rules.

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  4. Another band I haven’t heard of. This post just makes me want to check them out pronto! 😊


  5. These dudes have a new album coming out on the EL Macambo Label out of Toronto! Andy Curran is the A&R for that company!
    These guys were great last summer Live! One hit after another!


  6. I’m so pleased the contest line phone number for a radio station in town is 54-40-989!
    Great stuff Aaron, I’d argue Sweeter Things is one of the finest compilations I’ve heard, not a dud in the set.
    Nor a dud among the albums, as I’m pleased you agree with the 8/8 keepers!


    • Haha that’s awesome! 54-40 fans unite!

      Sweeter Things is sooooo good. Man. But there are so many deep cut good songs on the records, I’d say it’s better to just own them all! 🙂

      For sure 8/8 Hits here, but it was a foregone conclusion going into this one…

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  7. Well, I love this post. You can’t have nearly enough 54-40!


  8. Y’know, I still haven’t delved into the 54-40 catalogue since that Sunday Service. Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret is still the only one that got its hooks in.

    And to echo the others, I’m enjoying this series. And as Mike says, the rolling stats are a nice touch!


    • Ooo, Smilin’ Buddha’s a great one. The one before it, Dear Dear, is also fantastic. I always say you can’t go wrong with this band’s output, buy with confidence! Disclaimer: I am rather biased. 🙂

      And hey thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the series! It’s been great for me, I’m getting to start at the top of my collection and listen to every damn album! For many of them, it’s definitely not my first time through, so it’s like visiting with old friends…


      • I’ll maybe dig back into that one at some point this week.

        It’s always good when you revisit albums you haven’t listened to in a while. I’ve done that a few times over the years – especially when it’s time for a clear-out.


        • Cool! That is, if you get tired of the Lanegan, right? 😉

          I love revisiting albums. And the Hit It Or Quit It portion of this series actually requires it. I wouldn’t chuck an album I hadn’t given one more chance…


  9. Your record collection is huge.


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