I’ve known my lovely wife for what seems like forever (37 of our 43 years). Together 19 years, married 14… she’s put up with a lot from me, by now! I always joke it’s Stockholm Syndrome, at this point…

Most of what she endures is my rattling on about this band or that, this version of a song versus another, or where I was when I first heard something. Mostly, she listens in good humour, but when her eyes start to glass over, I know I’m maybe offering too many minute details… Oh, and she absolutely, categorically and completely refuses to play name that tune with me.

During our road trip to African Lion Safari and the butterfly conservatory last weekend, we had lots of time in the car. We discussed many things and a good time was had. Our daughter got to hear both her favourite Jake Bugg albums, and our son discovered that he really likes Crowded House. Right on.

Somehow, the Beatles came up in the course of our rambling, far-flung conversation. Probably because I’ve been seeing Sgt. Pepper reviews and Beatles talk in the blogs. It’s fairly well-known by now that I’m not the world’s biggest Beatles fan. I grew up on them, and burned out on them at a fairly young age. While I respect them and appreciate some (not all) of what they did, I don’t get all twitterpated about them being the world’s best whatever.

My lovely wife braced herself for my usual rant about them, but I wasn’t in the mood for that and, in fact, even mentioned a few of their songs that I like. As I listed a few off, she stopped me and said, “you know, we talk about the Beatles now and again, and whenever you mention songs that you like, they add up and I realize: you don’t like the Beatles, you like George Harrison!” It was true. I hadn’t even realized, but every song I was listing off was written by George.

Fair enough. And thanks to my lovely wife for this brilliant insight…

25 thoughts on “George

            1. keepsmealive says:

              Aw thanks Vinnie. You’re probably right, but I’m my own worst critic (as Mike has pointed out). It’s amazing, though, my lovely wife and I have known each other going on 40 years and every day still I am renewed by her. Even the days when we’re running a million different directions doing boring stuff, and juggling two kids and sports and work and meals and bedtime stories, that sense of togetherness is always there. Life is good!

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  1. J. says:

    A lot of folks will argue that the Beatles’ influence on popular music makes them the best band ever by default. Not me, though. Like you, I appreciate that the impact and like a load of songs, but I just don’t enjoy listening to them that much. Sgt. Peppers aside.

    Looking at songs, it appears I’m a fan of George too.


  2. stephen1001 says:

    People often forget George when listing the 4 Beatles – I remember a show (Hockey week) in the 90s quizzed NHL players, asking them to name all 4.
    A bunch of them got John/Paul/Ringo but only Brendan Shanahan got George – I knew I liked Shanny!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Ha, I usually forget Ringo.

      It can be a mistake to ask hockey players about non-hockey things. Prime example. Also, who the hell cares if these guys can name all the Beatles? Weird. Ah well, good job, Brendan!

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  3. boppinsblog says:

    We had Here Comes The Sun at my parents anniversary party.
    I am a bigger Beatles fan than you, but I get the George love.
    He was my favourite as well.
    Maybe if you pretended he was Nelson Wilbury or L’Angelo Misterioso you could forget he was in that other band.


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