A Gift From Geoff!

Yesterday, a parcel arrived at our KMA eastern offices from the illustrious and awesome Geoff of 100albumsin10years! Oh yes, a parcel of much goodness…

Inside was a note:








OMG. This contains three of my favourite things: Sloan, GBV, and COMMUNITY!

First up, the Sloooooaaaaann…










Check out that handsome ‘Navy Blues Brother.’ Yessir, that’s Sloan’s Andrew Scott on the cover of this May 1998 issue of Chart magazine. Inside the mag is a five-page article called Sloan: Fantastic 4, about the band and the new (at the time) album, Navy Blues, which is a rocker for sure, and there’s a bio page of the band to-date as well. Hot damn! There’s a ton of other stuff in this mag too, which I’ll surely cover in a later post, but right now I’m reading about Sloan so that other stuff will have to wait!

And then, tucked into the mag, to mark the page of the Slooooaaan article (natch), was a 7″ record. Oh yes.

[click the shite photeys to embiggen them…]

Guided By Voices – Planet Score b/w Zero Elasticity

Limited to 1000 copies, and including a free download of the tracks, this 7″ contains Planet Score and Zero Elasticity from the excellent 2014 album Motivational Jumpsuit.

This is thrilling on a couple of levels. One, I am a huge Guided By Voices fan and will always happily welcome any of their releases into my collection. And two, for years I have consciously skipped trying to collect the 7″ output by this band. There are soooo many, I mean, they put out about six albums a year for a decade and a half, and each record gets at least a couple of 7″ singles… That said, I always look at them longingly in the shoppes… and now here is one in my house! It’s GORGEOUS!

Geoff. THANK YOU. You’re always verbalizing the positive on your excellent site, and you’re sharing the greatness by mail too!


52 thoughts on “A Gift From Geoff!

        1. keepsmealive says:

          1537! If you can hear me, we know your account has been hijacked! Probably the Russians! We’ll send a care package of LPs and a sandwich. See if you can get to a turntable before this transmission gets cut off and…***skritch***! …

          Uh oh. I think we lost him. I will gladly be caretaker and curator of the 1537 Memorial LP Collection, going forward.


          1. deKE says:

            Yeah no doubt…we have our city taxes rolled into our mortgage so i can just ignore them as they come. One less issue to deal with haha


            1. keepsmealive says:

              We should have done that too, with the mortgage. I worked in a bank and am well aware of the process. Now, there was a reason why we didn’t, at the time, but I can’t remember what it is now, all these years later. Ah well.


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  It was probably so we could track finances via seperate statement and see exactly how much taxes we were paying. But at this point, I see no reason not to roll it into the mortgage and spread the pain out into smaller payments over 12 months instead of 4 bigger kicks in the nuts.


              1. boppinsblog says:

                The bank guesstimates(almost.always over guesses) what the taxes will be and then there is almost always excess that they put into escrow.
                So they hold onto your money until the end when you pay the mortgage off. So the bank has your money making no return.


        1. mikeladano says:

          Got mine going now too! Right on, Bop!

          Hey speaking of community did you want my Rainbow CD? It is the Japanese Stranger In Us All album. I paid $15. You can have it for nothin’. (Anyone else has to pay $30.)

          Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Community indeed! Geoff is a fine, fine fellow.

      Hahaha careful, Geoff will create that graph…

      The 7″ is one from Guided By Voices, and it’s a lovely thing indeed.


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