Bruce Dickinson – What Does This Button Do?

I had this one on Amazon preorder along with the upcoming Maiden live album. The book was due for release October 31, the album November 17. To get free shipping, I’d have to wait until the album dropped to get the book too. Haha no way was I waiting two extra weeks! So I cancelled the book and hit up my local Coles in our shite mall. They had one copy, and several days before October 31, too. Score!

I’ve always thought Bruce should write a book, though I figured it would be a self help motivation-style book [if this idea gets back to Bruce, I want my cut!]. Maybe later – this autobiography is cool too. Tons of stories in here, as expected, though I do have the feeling he skimmed a wee bit over a lot of stuff that might’ve benefitted from more detail… then again, if he went in-depth into everything, this would have been at least a three-volume set…

Anyway, this is a fun read about a guy who seems fairly irrepressible. It’s written with wit, intelligence, and a pretty clear-eyed view of the world. It reads like he’s telling you all these stories over a pint (of Trooper, natch) in the pub. Others who know more about the band’s history (and the interpersonal stuff that’s gone down along the way) will read this and write up far more involved and intricate reviews than I ever could. For me, it was a fascinating history of one of metal’s most famous front men.

Completely recommended.

14 thoughts on “Bruce Dickinson – What Does This Button Do?

  1. deKE says:

    I have not started mine read on this yet! I did cheat and skim it somewhat and if your looking for Maiden dirt or silliness involving others read The Dirt but Sleazy Neal and Nikki Trixx…
    Bruce is the man … know that as we seen him takeover the concert stage on this last tour….


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