I had occasion to pop into our local downtown record shop. He had a few boxes of someone’s rock/metal collection (on CD, sorry 1537). I helped him out by scooping up two Red Fang albums: Murder The Mountains (2011) and Whales And Leeches (2013).

You may recall I had tix years ago (2011) to see Red Fang/Dillinger Escape Plan/Mastodon in Toronto. When we arrived at the venue, Red Fang had already played, and I probably brushed shoulders with all of them (or, at least, their roadies) as they loaded out their gear while we made our way in. Instead, we began that night with Dillinger (which was a whole other thing)… Sorry Red Fang guys!… Anyway, never did get to see them, a regret of mine for sure. So maybe my buying these two albums makes up for it? Sure.

So far I’ve rocked Murder The Mountains (which was the new album when we missed the gig). I love it in all of its pure hairy groovin’ glory!

Here’s a track called Wires. It’s awesome, and the video is fun too…

10 thoughts on “Wires

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Brilliant, yes! I knew you’d talked about them, I vaguely recall videos on your site… man, I have Only Ghosts here already, too. I might be getting stuck into these guys for the foreseeable future… at least until a certain LP shows up from Discogs…

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      I hope so, ‘cos I truly am digging this album (try the track I linked!)!

      Of course, buying them used means the band gets no monetary thanks from me, but I can maybe hope that this internet shout-out can at least be a partial thought that counts? Plus my ticket dollars 6 years ago that I never even officially used to see them play? I dunno.

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