Rancid – Let’s Go!

Man, this was a throwback and I loved every second of it. This album came immediately before …And Out Come The Wolves (which I love unreservedly), but I didn’t get it until after. Go figure. Anyway, the energetic and dirty, sloppy but not sloppy at all punk-ska-Clash hybrid that Rancid does so well is on full display here.

The singles from this album were Nihilism and Salvation*, but honestly any of the 23 tracks here could have been singles. Billie Joe Armstrong gets a writing credit on one track (Radio), and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) produced and co-engineered it. It was intended to be a double album but got condensed to one CD.

Let’s GO!


* Salvation also appeared in Guitar Hero II for XBox 360, for the video game fans out there.

5 thoughts on “Rancid – Let’s Go!

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yes indeed, the next album is …And Out Came The Wolves, and it has Time Bomb, Ruby Soho, Olympia, WA, Maxwell Murder, The War’s End… that album is endlessly GREAT. This one, Let’s Go, is really, really good, but they really nailed it next time out! If Wolves isn’t on your list, it oughta be!

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