Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter (Deluxe Edition)

After waiting all weekend after release date to receive my Amazon pre-order of this deluxe edition, I’ve been listening to it regularly and my review is pure and simple:


Seriously, everything about this set is absolutely perfect. The sound quality (including the instrument mixes), the track selection (of course it oughta include Hallowed Be Thy Name but I know there are reasons it couldn’t)… hell, even the balance between the band and crowd noise is spot-on. Of course, they completely nail every track – there was no question of that! The packaging itself is beautiful too, made to be companion to the deluxe of the Book Of Souls album proper. Solid slip-cover, hardcover book, all delicious. This one has lots of live pics and details and it’d be easy to spend time poring over everything (I know because I have).

Best of all, for me, is that this captures a memory, as a document of the show we saw in Toronto, April 3, 2016. They played pretty much the same tracks all along, so except for two tracks difference, this set is identical to what we got when we went. There are no Toronto 2016 tracks on here, though there is one from the gig a couple of days previous in Montreal (Children Of The Damned, April 1, 2016). No matter, I am very grateful to have this here, so I can revisit this excellent tour’s set whenever I like!

No need for me to go track by track. They fuckin’ nail it. This is a stellar live album!!

Up the irons!  \m/  \m/


Track Listing (w. Cities and Dates):


1. If Eternity Should Fail – Sydney, Australia; 6 May 2016
2. Speed of Light – Cape Town, South Africa; 18 May 2016
3. Wrathchild – Dublin, Ireland; 6 May 2017
4. Children of the Damned – Montreal, Canada; 1 April 2016
5. Death or Glory – Wrocław, Poland; 3 July 2016
6. The Red and the Black – Tokyo, Japan; 21 April 2016
7. The Trooper – San Salvador, El Salvador; 6 March 2016
8. Powerslave – Trieste, Italy; 26 July 2016


1. The Great Unknown – Newcastle, UK; 14 May 2017
2. The Book of Souls – Castle Donington, UK; 12 June 2016
3. Fear of the Dark – Fortaleza, Brazil; 24 March 2016
4. Iron Maiden – Buenos Aires, Argentina; 15 March 2016
5. The Number of the Beast – Wacken, Germany; 4 August 2016
6. Blood Brothers – Donington, UK; 12 June 2016
7. Wasted Years – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 17 March 2016

16 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter (Deluxe Edition)

  1. Phillip Helbig says:

    Bought it. Listened to it. Good.

    The map is wrong, though. What is supposed to be Poland points to somewhere else, and Wacken is in northern Germany, not the part where it is on the map. At least some of the other places are more accurate. If Bruce’s navigation were this bad, they would have missed many shows.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yes! I’m glad you dug it!

      I had no idea about the map – you’ve got a sharp eye! I doubt it was Bruce who handled that map, at least, we can all hope hahaha!


  2. 2loud2oldmusic says:

    So glad you finally got and actually enjoyed it (as if there would be any doubt). I think that makes it unanimous on its greatness as every review I have read has been glowing.


  3. Phillip Helbig says:

    OK, need to buy it.

    Some Maiden tickets went on sale yesterday, some tomorrow. No shows nearby. I would travel, but only for reserved seating. (In fact, I would probably pass on even a local show if there is no reserved seating.) To be fair, these are mostly festival appearances and so on; the last show was with reserved seats higher up (though with a mosh pit on the floor).

    If the Stockholm show has reserved seats, I’ll probably buy a ticket, since I plan to be there the day before the show anyway. Not sure how easy it will be to buy a ticket from Germany for a show in Sweden. Hopefully it doesn’t take so long to find out that I can’t get a good seat.

    I saw The Iron Maidens last Saturday. Because of the name and the fact that they are all women (though probably not maidens), some might write them off as a gimmick. It was the third time I saw them where I did, the second time in this lineup (one of the guitarists is now off with Alice Cooper or something). The audience has increased from show to show and the last gig was sold out. Probably more than 99 per cent of the audience come because they are a good cover band and not to see female musicians for their own sake. Do check them out.


  4. 1537 says:

    Really good live LP. I picked it up as a souvenir too. We got the set with Wrathchild in it for legal reasons when I saw them, it’s one of my fave tracks here too.


  5. J. says:

    Very nice. So far all reviews are glowing! I reckon I’ll pick up the standard CD edition (or the Transmaniacon LP… haha).


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