Various Artists/Various Blogs Festival: Milestones – 20 Rock Operas

Welcome back to the Various Artists/Various Blogs Festival! The festival runs December 1st-10th, across many blogs in the Community… Check out THIS PAGE at Bruce’s site for all the posts as we go along! And most importantly: our huge thanks to Bruce for getting the ball rolling on this, and for all his hard work in making it all happen!


This 1990 budget compilation is a brilliant listen. It’s the kind of set you can throw on, do other things, and let the time pass as the songs take you away.

The list of artists is impressive, and the songs are all worthy of inclusion: check out the track list photie (below). I couldn’t find what criteria the makers of this comp used when defining ‘rock opera,’ (I mean, some were obvious, not so with others to me, anyway) but no matter. I let the tunes do the talking and all was well.

Check it out:

25 thoughts on “Various Artists/Various Blogs Festival: Milestones – 20 Rock Operas

  1. stephen1001 says:

    Interesting to see a track from Oxygene – it didn’t feel like an album with ‘singles’, it would be interesting to hear it out of context.
    Nothing wrong with that opening track of course!


  2. boppinsblog says:

    There are quite a few I would change.

    Seven Bridges Road-Eagles, Paradise By The Dashboard Light-Meatloaf are 2.exampkes.

    I would want to add JC Superstar, Tommy, some Floyd, Beatles, early Genesis, ELP, Bowie etc.

    As for Albatross, I may be the only one who sees this working. 3 guitars and cymbals sound very operatic to me. I know I would go see an opera based around this song.
    If there is such a thing as a blues rock opera, sign me up.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Your suggestions also work for sure. Defnitely needed some Floyd! If by ELP you mean ELO, they’re on here, CD1 track 8. Albatross was alright by me, as it was an odd enough mix and I wasn’t sure what they were using to define Rock Opera anyway. I mean, how does the Canned Heat track fit in? At 2:53 it’s a basic blues rock track from them!


  3. 80smetalman says:

    Quite a few good songs on this. I see HMO’s point though. If it had been me, the Fleetwood Mac song I would have used would be “Go Your Own Way.” That’s just my personal choice.


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