Van Halen – 5150

I chose this album at random from my iTunes and rocked it as I worked away in the Man Cave. It’s a really great record! All of the VH elements are here – the big riffs, the wheedly* solos, the synth passages, the plodding beats that are bluesy as hell without ever devolving into weakness, the fast rockers…

The first record made after DLR left and Sammy took over, I think the cover art speaks loudest for the position VH was in with the release of this album: VH is a collective Atlas, the giants of rock trying to hold up their own encircling reputations, as well as the mirror world of the shining, near-impossible expectations of their fans… all while still trying to be themselves and make music that matters.

Me? I really dug 5150. Crank it and go!


* My eternal gratitude to our HMO for this wonderfully descriptive word.

29 thoughts on “Van Halen – 5150

    1. deKE says:

      “Inside” is the Halen tank running dry at the end of 5150 as it perfectly sums up Halen’s career at times and thats called “Lazy” as it seems like they always recorded enough for an album and thats it…
      Outside of that its a strong album. Pretty buzzed out on it at the time for sure. Still will occasionally toss it on …..


        1. deKE says:

          Eat Em is indeed brilliant! 31 years later and it still sounds strong today!
          comparing the two I see your point as 5150 is far left as an album Halen wanted to make from Dave whereas Dave stuck to the Halen formula pretty much.
          As a fan of both it was a win win for myself and many back in 1986.
          Plus the venom they spitted at each other in the mags was a great read . War of Roses like mentality between the two esp Ed and Dave


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