Peter Green Splinter Group: The Best Of

















Do I need to tell you this rules? Probably not.

Sweet, sweet blues, across a span of 15 tracks on CD1 ,and 5 tracks on CD2. This compilation pulls tracks from Destiny Road, Hot Foot Powder, Robert Johnson Songbook, In Soho Live At Ronnis Scott’s, and Peter Green Splinter Group. As representative of all the styles of blues they play, this set will blow your mind.

It’s all here – great tunes with that clear cool feel, glorious control, vocals that are a little Clapton-like at points, and (actually) understated beauty. The production here is pristine, and through the good headphones it’s unbelievable. Best of all is that true guitar tone that resonates for days.

Of course, the early Fleetwood Mac is awesome, we all know that. And this Splinter Group stuff is just as good. Oh baby.


3 thoughts on “Peter Green Splinter Group: The Best Of

  1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

    I have some of these cuts on a set called ‘Me and the Devil’. But I will be grabbing this when I can. The bonus is his ‘Mac’ days correct? I love that stuff. I’ve been delving into a bit of Peter lately. I usually stay with him for a while.


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