Coleman Hawkins – April In Paris

Coleman Hawkins is amazing. Everything he did seemed so easy, so fluid, so melodic and tuneful that your ear would follow him anywhere. If someone were to ask me what I would consider to be beautiful music, I would point them in the direction of this collection as a great example.

Spanning recordings made between 1939-1956, this collection of 10 tracks made me wish it was a collection 1000 tracks. I particularly loved the earlier stuff. There’s a sound, a swing to the whole affair that just can’t fail to make me incredibly happy when I hear it. Big band music has the same effect on me – I grew up on this sound, and it always fills me with joy. But then again, I love the stuff on here that’s from a decade later too, with the strings… oh hell, the whole thing is amazing!

The list of players with him in these sessions is boggling. To name a few: Benny Carter, J.J. Johnson, Fats Navarro, Hank Jones, Max Roach, Zoot Sims, and so many more… GLORY.

Here are the tracks (with years, for your edification):

Body And Soul (1939)
When The Day Is Done (1940)
Bouncing With Bean (1940)
April In Paris (1947)
Angel Face (1947)
I Love You (1947)
There Will Never Be Another You (1956)
Little Girl Blue (1956)
The Bean Stalks Again (1956)
Have You Met Miss Jones? (1956)

In Sum: 

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.

6 thoughts on “Coleman Hawkins – April In Paris

  1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

    CB is a Hawkins guy to the bone. He’s soloing right now on the cut you posted. He has that sound. Just listened to this record recently. His music was great through out his career. Cool guy. Him and the other guy you posted a few takes back hooked up for some good stuff. Great, refreshing posts.


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