One Hit Wonders Series

Thanks to Danica for the idea on this post! You can get links to all the posts in this Community series on DANICA’S SITE RIGHT HERE.

Check out this swanky artwork. Nice work, Danica!


For this post, I’ve chosen a classical track. I KNOW!

Way back in the 80s, my sister got married. As she walked down the aisle, her friend Patrick and I played Jeremiah Clarke’s Prince Of Denmark’s March, a.k.a. (and better known as) the Trumpet Voluntary.* It sounded great in the acoustics of the church, because of course we both were playing it fairly loudly. 🙂

My sister likely chose it because it was played at the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and my sister is still, to this day, a big fan of Diana, so whatever Diana had at her wedding was good enough for her! Really, though, it gets played a lot at weddings (not just royal weddings) for very good reasons. It’s stately, powerful, and clear as a bell. Brilliant anytime, but perfect for weddings.

* From 1878 until the 1940 this piece was attributed to Henry Purcell (in fact, that’s who I always thought wrote it, but nope it was Clarke!).

Sadly, Clarke committed suicide in 1707, reportedly over being unable to be with the woman he loved because she was way out of his league in social standing. Imagine. There is some controversy about his life, and WIKI has the goods.

In Sum:

I do love this piece. Not just because it was what we played when my sister got married, but because, as a trumpet player, I will always cheer for the trumpets, and this is a great trumpet piece, through and through. So much fun to play (those trills!), and it sets my trumpet senses tingling every time.



Check out the tune below. I love how, at 2:24, the trumpet just jumps to a fff at least, like BAM! Take THAT! Hahaha awesome.

NB: Whomever put the following video together would have been better to have left a static image throughout, so the song could stand strong alone. I suggest opening a new tab and letting this song play while you browse on another tab so you don’t have to watch these images. Also, good headphones recommended for maximum in your ears trumpet thrills! ENJOY!

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  1. We really have to communicate better Aaron. I was just about to hit enter on my trumpet Voluntary one-hit wonder post, then I saw yours. Oh well. Next time.


  2. The pair of brilliant sentences was

    “I just sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light with a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. I think you might be the better brother.”

    Just really made me laugh


  3. Mr Brass N Books!
    Really cool for you to go outside the box on this one….family history as well tied in…


    • Another nickname, Deke? Holy mackerel, I’m gonna need a book just to store them all! 🙂

      Glad you dug the post, thanks! I really wanted to do something cool and as I got to thinking about it, well, here this one is. Fun times!


  4. I too cheer for trumpets!


  5. jprobichaud

    Haha. Awesome. Pachelbel was another classical one-hit wonder, wasn’t he?


    • Canon In D is definitely his most well-known piece, but I might say he was better known for other things as well, like his Chaconne In Fm… Hm. That’s a tough one, because on the other hand pretty much anyone you ask would only (likely) know that one piece – because it’s been played to death… And as I think as I type this, OK, you may be right! 🙂


  6. Ha ha ha. That is a magnificent pair of sentences.

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  7. I just sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light with a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. I think you might be the better brother.

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  8. Reckon you’re pretty safe with this one, Aaron. I love it when something comes in from left field like this. And fabulous to find out you’re a trumpeter. It explains much… well, the Miles obsession anyway!

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    • Thank you, sir! I like to be in left field every now and then… and if you spent any time at all in a concert band in your life, you’ll know that the rest of the band thinks that the trumpet players are off in left field permanently… they’re not too far wrong, actually…

      And oh yes. The Miles obsession. And Louis. And Wynton. And…

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  9. Wow, what a wonderful post! A very special gift to your sister on her wedding day.

    I had to smile that you’re right — you’re quite likely the only blogger to choose this song!

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    • Thanks Danica! It was fun to do that for my sis’ wedding. Shame the marriage didn’t last. Ah well.

      There was a long list of one hit wonder songs I contemplated, but I won’t list them in case anyone else chose one or the other of them. But I felt pretty safe that no one else would chose this one. Imagine if I’m wrong about that! I mean, what are the odds!

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