New Series! On Spec, Part 1: Jungle Rot – Order Will Prevail

This past spate of Dire Straits albums has been wonderful (I do love that band), but until I get more of their stuff, it must end here, for now. Heck, it was almost a series!

So, to fill in the gap you must surely be fearing, I begin a new series. I’ll call it… On Spec. See, I buy stuff at work sometimes just to hear it, because I have access to music so cheaply, it’s easy to do. Many times I hear things once and that’s enough for me, but sometimes I find gems! 

Recently at my work, someone turned in a whole pile of metal albums. Some of the bands I’d never heard of, some I knew. Of course, I must wait 48 hours before buying anything, so several of them were gone already, but I managed to snag a few and so I will go through some of this stuff and let you know what I’ve discovered!

Let’s get in there and give ‘er, shall we? As ever, we shall!

First up:

On Spec 1: Jungle Rot – Order Will Prevail

First off, this is one of the ones I’d never heard of, so let’s see how it goes!

What caught my eye was this album cover. It’s particularly poignant given current American politics… it’s like a vision of the future… Anyway, it’s also a confusing cover. I can’t figure out why the mounted officer has a patch on his uniform that says Jungle Rot, yet he has (presumably) the band members’ heads strung from his mount. Why would an officer attack his leaders… oh my goodness, it’s a revolution! A new order shall prevail, presumably! Or maybe the band’s way of announcing their last album, since they’ve been beheaded? I doubt it…  Anyway, I probably think too much. On to the music.

What a blast of metal! This is full on, 100 mph blast beats and screaming and growling cookie monster from hell and hooboy was it a ton of fun! Brutal is a good word for what they do, yet it’s also quite melodic and musically intricate and, sometimes, I swear they even swing. I know. The musicianship is quite excellent too, very technical, impressive riffing and drumming and that heavy bass…

As I listened, I had visions of a more growly Megadeth, yet also I had flashes of those times when punk and metal collide and the sound is an unearthly roar. Add in guest vocals from Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly, etc) on Fight Where You Stand and you have a pretty damn good time ahead of you (see video, below). I couldn’t listen to stuff like this all the time, but holy shit this album was satisfying during my review listen!

And hey, if you wanna break stuff, this is the perfect soundtrack. Just sayin’.

Fully recommended that you crank the volume for this…

11 thoughts on “New Series! On Spec, Part 1: Jungle Rot – Order Will Prevail

  1. clint says:

    I woke up this morning looking for something new to check out. This was great. They lock into a nice groove at times and the overall theme reminded me of the latest Megadeth as well.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It does seem to come from HMO territory, maybe he knows of these guys… Wiki says this is their 9th album (from 2015), so they’ve been around a long while. Let’s see if he chimes in on this one…


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