Eric’s Trip – Forever Again

I Wanna Taranna Series Pt. 2: BMV #2 Eric’s Trip – Forever Again

Indie band’s Eric’s Trip’s second album was recorded (and mixed) by Rick White, in studio and at band members’ homes, which just adds to its charm. Eric’s Trip has a sound, alternating between rough punker grunge and trippy acoustic struminess, and this record nails it all. Plus, I just love Julie Doiron’s voice. I owned this back in the day, and this copy makes me wish I’d replaced it ages ago. If you loved Love Tara as I did, you will love this one, as I did.

8 thoughts on “Eric’s Trip – Forever Again

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Me neither, Geoff, but I think we can be forgiven. There’s enough going on, on those days, that remembering to put a specific album on the stereo is so far down the list of things to do and be part of that it may as well not even be on the list! Besides, I always had the impression, from that song, that it could be that he wasn’t there on the day that oerson was born, and so played the album in lieu. I’d need to go back and re-listen, though.

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  1. J. says:

    I know the name (likely from you Canadialanders talking about them), but don’t know any music. Rick White of The Rick White Album?


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