Joel Plaskett Emergency – Truthfully Truthfully

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 7: BMV #7 Joel Plaskett Emergency – Truthfully Truthfully

Holy crap this record is SO GOOD.

I always think I don’t listen to enough Joel Plaskett. I’m right, of course, and this album is proof. It’s AMAZING! Pure rock and roll in that big guitar rock hero kind of way, while Work Out Fine channels the Clash, and yet there’s also gentler introspective-style tunes thrown in, to round out the experience. Smart arrangements of smart songs and perfect execution throughout the whole thing. And there’s still something East Coast about the feel and sound, which is probably a dumb thing to say (it’s his third record after he left Thrush Hermit), but I still hear songs like these in my mind as great co-headliners with Sloan in some glorious concert mash-up heaven.

This is great road trip music. This is great late-night headphones music. This is great music, full stop.

I still need to listen to more Plaskett. This guy’s brilliant. 

Straight up, this is one of my major scores from this Taranna trip.

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