We All Know That There Are Times When Being A Collector Gets Tougher

Y’all know I love Guided By Voices, and all of its side projects, and all of the books and art work and whatever else Robert Pollard and his band of merry reprobates have released over these decades. It’s my mission to collect as much as I can… within my means, because there’s just SO MUCH of it and some of it is now super-dear. Anyway, I have a bunch of it and am always looking for more.

Back around Christmas sometime or so, Rockathon (a place to buy many Pollard-y things) released 100,  a beautiful hardcover book collecting all 100 album covers and back covers. It looks awesome. It’s $50 USD, which for me (today) is just over $64 CDN. So, like everything else Pollard-related, I ordered one, right?

Nope. And not for lack of wanting too… simply put: I can’t. They will not ship that item outside of the US. Not even to their dear neighbours to the north, the hockey-loving sweethearts of Canadialand. No reason was given for this shipping prohibition, though I assume it’s because it’s (likely) a big heavy book and they didn’t want to crush international people with shipping costs… Case in point: I just ordered the new EAT magazine (volume 14) from Rockathon this week. It was $10 USD. Reasonable! However, shipping was almost $17 USD. So yeah, even that is an expensive cheap book, but I own volumes 1 – 13 and I’m not gonna stop now!

So, I can’t get the 100 book. There are only 1000 copies in the world, too, so the chances of finding one used somewhere are gonna be slim to none. Unless there are any US-resident Dear Readers who wanna help a brother out (with full recompense for all expenses and whatever else incurred), this is another Pollard item beyond my reach. Hence the title of this post.

34 thoughts on “We All Know That There Are Times When Being A Collector Gets Tougher

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Did I even know you Dad lives in the States? If so, I’d forgotten. Well, Zack seems to be on the case so we’ll see what transpires. Thanks Dude! Also, I doubt it’ll be available next year. These things do tend to disappear eventually, with only 1000 copies…


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks for the offer!! Yeah I think that pop-up list of all the countries they ship to is a default they use for all orders. It said right on the web site, though, in the description:

      “Robert Pollard 100 – $50
      This book contains the front and back covers for all 100 of Robert Pollard’s studio albums. The book is a large format (12×12) hard cover cloth bound document containing over 200 pages printed to the edge. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship this out of the country.”

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          No problem, and THANKS! I wish they’d stated WHY they won’t ship out of the US. I presume it’s because of size and weight, but who knows. They’ll ship everything else they sell to me here in Canada, just not that one book. Gah!

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  1. Vinyl Connection says:

    That really sucks. Big time. Can’t imagine that Mr P would approve. Man, if I lived in the appropriate territory, I’d order on your behalf pronto. As a amateur GBV fan, I do hope you can find a way.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I’ve never counted! I have a list here somewhere but it’s not even up to date. So I’m gonna guess… with all the GBV and side projects and solo albums, on CD and LP? Probably over 100.

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