Greg Keelor – Last Winter

While I’m still in the middle of going through all my finds from my most recent Taranna trip, I’m listening to other great stuff too, so I’ll occasionally slip in a few posts about these extra releases… Like this one!

I picked up this new release EP at our local Sunrise this week for a paltry $6.99. After I was done hearing it, I knew it to be worth way more than mere dollars. This is a gem. 

Greg Keelor has been progressively losing his hearing for a long while now. For anyone, it’s horrible. For a career musician, it’s that much worse. During his recent period of recuperation, he pieced together the four songs on this gorgeous EP. All of the songs here are clearly meditations on life, and aging, and change, and how things go no matter what you try to do to control it.

Gord’s Tune is a beautiful homage to the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie, who passed away last October of brain cancer. City Is A Symphony focuses on his own hearing loss, and what that means to his life going forward. Early In The Morning is Keelor’s cover of the old blues tune (also previously recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary). And 3 Coffins is even more personal, looking at his search for, and recent passing of, his birth mother. 

Jimmy Bowskill plays his heart and soul into this record with his guitar. Other musicians here include Aaron Hoffman and Shamus Currie (piano and Hammond organ), Ian McKeown (bass and drums), Daniel Neill (drums), James McKenty (synth) and Ashley Moffat (backing vocals).

The internet tells me that this project all started, for Greg, at one of the final Tragically Hip shows ever, where Keelor was standing in the hallway backstage listening to the show (because being out front would be too loud). I have to say, anything Greg Kellor creates that was inspired by the Tragically Hip in any way is definitely fine by me.

I cannot recommend this deeply personal, beautiful EP enough. Get yours now!

11 thoughts on “Greg Keelor – Last Winter

  1. mikeladano says:

    I didn’t know this was an EP, and I didn’t know the context. Now that I do, I’ll be looking out for it. While I think Greg is always best with Jim, solo Greg ain’t bad!


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