Tragically Hip – 92nd Grey Cup Commemorative CD

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 20: Sonic Boom #3 Tragically Hip – 92nd Commemorative Grey Cup Promo CD

This 2-track CD was priced the same as other regularly-priced used discs ($5.99), but I grabbed it straight away. Why would I pay so much for two tracks? And what’s more, two tracks that I already have? Because I love Tragically Hip, have done since 1989. No questions asked. I’m sure you understand. At the time of this writing, copies on Discogs range about $10-$25, so it’s all good. 

Released (obviously) in conjunction with the Hip’s performance at the 92nd Grey Cup game (2004), we get two songs here: 

1. Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park
2. Goodnight Josephine

Both of these tracks are the same versions as found on the brilliant 2004 Hip album entitled In Between Evolution. As I’m sure you know, “Gus…” is a slow, bluesy chugger that swaggers and sways and would surely be amazing in a live setting. Goodnight Josephine is the last track on IBE, and is a solid, straight-on Hip rocker. Goodnight, indeed!

I don’t know how many copies of this were released, or even if it’s truly collectible or whatever. I don’t care. I wanted it because Tragically Hip. Full stop.

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