Tragically Hip – Gift Shop

First off, May The Fourth Be With You! I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that today, but I couldn’t resist.

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 21: Sonic Boom #4 Tragically Hip – Gift Shop

If you thought yesterday’s post, wherein I admitted to paying $5.99 for two songs I already owned proved me silly, wait til you hear about this one today. Yup, on this one I paid the same for one track! The album version I already own, as well. Why, Aaron? Why??? The answer is always the same: because Tragically Hip. Pure love. And I don’t feel so bad, as Discogs at the time of this writing says copies are $25-$50 CAD. For one song, and an album track at that! True story!

Now, you’re thinking this is getting out of hand. It totally is, and it’s totally cool. I understand. But don’t you have a band you collect no matter what? A band that, for every time you see a release of theirs you don’t have, you buy it without question, just to have it in the collection? For me, that’s the Hip… And many other bands but I have a serious problem and that’s besides the point and stritly between me and the therapist I ought to be seeing…

Gift Shop is a track from the venerable Trouble At The Henhouse album (1996). I was fortunate enough to see the Hip in concert when Henhouse was their latest release, and the show was completely amazing. Of course. And this song itself? Glorious. 

See for yourself!


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