Brad – Interiors

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 26: Sonic Boom #9 $2.99 Deal #2: Brad – Interiors

This is one I always meant to own, for its Pearl Jam connections, but for some weird reason I never bought it. I’m only late by 21 years since its release. Not bad!

Recorded at Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)’s Studio Litho (he also plays guitar all over the album), it was produced by Nick DiDia, and mixed by DiDia and Brendan O’Brien. With those two at the helm, the sound is big, bright and clear. Lovely.

The tunes rock, straight from the grunge era as it pushed towards the new millenium, but it mixes with pop and gorgeous ballads to make a lovely stew of it all. Tunes like its single, The Day Brings, with its piano-driven and bongo-supported feel-good pop drift, keep the album from being a one trick pony. That track even features Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) on guitar. The cello on Upon My Shoulders gives it lift and help it soar. Funeral Song is a fuzzed out blues with space noises, and Those Three Words is a funk dance freak out with a synth mid-section. 

Seriously, this is a great album. It’s varied and interesting and never falls into any traps of redundancy. There is beauty and creativity here. I really liked it! Shame I waited so long to get it.

11 thoughts on “Brad – Interiors

  1. J. says:

    A very, very fine album. Their peak will always be the first album, though… before there was a level of expectation and pressure to deliver something.


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