Bad Religion – No Substance

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 27: Sonic Boom #10 $2.99 Deal #3: Bad Religion – No Substance

I owned this years ago, but I think it got loaned out and never returned. Gah. I hate when that happens. Finding a replacement for $2.99 made me very very happy, as I sure do love me some Bad Religion.

What do we need to know about this that we don’t already know about Bad Religion’s literate, intelligent and straight-on (inimitable) punk rocking style? It’s their tenth studio album, from 2008, and their second since Brett Guerwitz had left the band. Expectations for it were high, coming as it did on the heels of classic albums Stranger Than Fiction and The Gray Race, but it didn’t do as well as those others. Silliness, I thought it was great!

Campino (Die Toten Hosen) appears on Raise Your Voice!, which was a single, as was The Biggest Killer In American History. The lady in the cover photo is Kristen Johnston, most famous for her role on TV’s 3rd Rock From the Sun.

Seriously, it’s Bad Religion. You know what you’re getting: their signature sound and a goddamn education. Pay attention to your world! Learn new things every day! Think about things for yourself, and never, ever give up. Go go GO!

6 thoughts on “Bad Religion – No Substance

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Bad Religion rules for edu-macating you and getting your adrenaline going too. I find I need a lyric sheet, though, because he says everything so fast it’s hard to digest in all in one go. But there’s a ton of good stuff in their songs!

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  1. steveforthedeaf says:

    I just bought another copy of Jeff Buckley’s Grace as I seem to have leant it out so many more times than it’s been returned. Screamadelica too come to think of it. Bad Religion though. What a fantastic band

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh yes, loaning things out leads to forgetting for me, too. Shame on those who don’t return things! Or worse, return them in terrible shape! Gah!

      Bad Religion is one of those bands for me, you know, I’ve listened to them a long time, and getting to see them in concert on the True North album tour (with brother Wilf, same dude as Volbeat and Maiden and…) was a definite highlight.

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  2. J. says:

    Argh. I couldn’t tell you how many things I’ve lost track of by loaning to folk. My brain is not organised and I rely heavily on folk remembering to return things. More than once I’ve picked up an album or DVD and then had my original returned to me a few weeks later.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh I know. I even had a phase wherein I wrote down who borrowed what… I think I lost the list! Gah! Ah well, I don’t know as many people here who borrow things, so it’s calmed down quite a bit. The only thing I have out on loan right now (I think) is brother Craig is reading my copy of Steven Adler’s book. Remind me, wouldja? Hahaha…

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