Frog Eyes – The Golden River

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 33: Sonic Boom #16 $2.99 Deal #8: Frog Eyes – The Golden River

Whoa. This record, the band’s second, is really something! Haha wow, listening to this is a wild ride indeed, part Rheostatics, part Frank Zappa, part Tom Waits, part carnival… it’s spacey, it’s groovy, it’s unabashed, and it’s clearly on a mission to hold nothing back. 

But the final selling point for me was, gloriously, backing vocals (here and there) from my favourite boozy chanteuse, Carolyn Mark! As well as production from Tolan McNeil!

I freakin’ loved it! Not enough bands make records like this, unafraid to just go all the way out there to the edges and look down and then sing about what they saw. This 31:43 is a goddamn adventure. It is music born of late, late nights in the band room, hammering out ideas and laughing at the demons. Strap in and go for it, folks. You will be changed. 


Reading the internets now, I learn that this album was re-released in 2006, but check this out…

“The Golden River was re-released in 2006 with an album of bonus tracks. This album was never officially released by itself. The liner notes call this album Emboldened Navigator and the Seagull Dots. In this re-release, The Golden River is unchanged, followed by an intermission, and Emboldened Navigator And The Seagull Dots then plays. It features 23 songs (24 including the 31-second intermission). These tracks are from pre-Golden River sessions in 2001 that featured Spencer Krug on keyboards. The only songs unique to this release are ? and Spencer’s Song for Carey to Officially Sing. Tracks 14, 15 and 17 are early recordings of songs that would eventually come out on The Golden River. Tracks 13, 16, 20, and 22 were already released on the Emboldened Navigator 7. Tracks 12 and 23 were already released on The Bloody Hand. Track 21 had already been released on Sunset Rubdown’s Snake’s Got a Leg.” (wiki)



Can I also say, they’ve got the coolest song titles I’ve seen in a while…

  1. The Fruit That Ate Itself
  2. Meadows and Madames and So Forth
  3. A Latex Ice Age
  4. Picture Framing and Some Other Dark Shit
  5. American Waltz for the Good Americans
  6. One in Six Children Will Flee in Boats
  7. ?
  8. Spencers’ Song for Carey to Officially Sing
  9. I Hope My Horse Don’t Make No Sound
  10. A Song Once Mine Now No Longer Mine
  11. Shots
  12. Libertatia National Lullaby

NB: This post ends my finds at Sonic Boom for this trip. Up next, She Said Boom!…

8 thoughts on “Frog Eyes – The Golden River

  1. J. says:

    I haven’t listened to this band in a long, long time. My brother had The Bloody Hand, which I liked, but I haven’t even thought about them since.


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