Robert Pollard’s 100: Aaron Is Beside Himself With Joy And Thanks

subtitled: We Need To Talk About Zack And His Awesomeness.

As You Know 1)  I am a HUGE fan of Community. I try to spend as much of my time on the KMA as I can promoting inclusion and sharing of ideas and (occasionally) the sharing of cool stuff. COMMUNITY!

As You Know 2)  Despite my not having bored you to death covering all of their releases, I am a HUGE fan of Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, and all of their off-shoots and projects. 

As You Know 3)  Recently, I posted HERE that Pollard released a book a few months ago called 100, with only 1000 copies available worldwide. I had to have it! Except I couldn’t, because Rockathon decided that they weren’t going to ship copies outside the U.S. Gah!

And then Zack of The Audible Stew was first* to step up to the plate, folks. He jumped on it immediately, offering to order the thing to his house, then ship it to me. The whole time, he emailed me updates and status reports. Zack went WAY above and beyond throughout the entire experience, incurring personal cost by choosing to wait until we had a total for the item and both shipping charges (to him, then to me) before I sent him payment. Which had to be slightly frightening as shipping from his house to mine was rather expensive (probably the reason Rockathon didn’t want to ship this 12″x12″, 3lb hardcover book internationally). But there was more. When it arrived, the whole thing was packaged beautifully and safely in two layers of cardboard and bubble wrap. And everything done without hesitation, without request for personal gain or reward, without waiting or hassle or bother.

Seriously, Zack took COMMUNITY! to a whole other level on this one. I sincerely cannot thank him enough. 



We’re all collectors here, I believe, so you know what I mean when I say that I’ve been collecting GBV/Pollard/related things for years, and knowing something as beautiful as this was out there but not regularly shippable to me was frustrating! To say that I am beyond thrilled to have this item (which contains all front and back cover art of the first 100 albums) in my collection is understatement of the year.

There follows a few shite photies to commemorate this thing of beauty…

So much glory.




* Other Dear Readers also offered to try and secure a copy for me, and to all of you I say thank you so much as well!

12 thoughts on “Robert Pollard’s 100: Aaron Is Beside Himself With Joy And Thanks

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Perhaps not, but maybe I can help you out in return some day! I don’t think youre on the Grail List… any items you wanna add? I’ll be in Taranna for \m/ SLAYER!!! \m/ in a couple of weeks…

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