Faith In Stevie!

There’s this song that plays on the piped-in music at work every day, but I had no idea who sang it. In fact, the music at work is played at precisely that insidious volume where you can hear it but not really make anything out clearly. Any quieter, it may as well be off. Any louder, you’d actually be able to make out what song it was more often but it would probably not be allowed by the powers that be.

Anyway, I really liked this tune’s energy, its soul-revival style and groove. I tried Googling the lyrics but I can’t quite make them out at work so I wasn’t finding the song. None of my co-workers that I asked knew who sang it. 

Then, by chance, I was Googling “retail playlist 2018” just to see if I could find a Spotify clip of it. Nope. But further down the rabbit hole of that same Google search page I saw this song called Faith by Ariana Grande. I clicked it because why not. And there it was.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about liking a song of hers. I mean, it’s pretty ingrained into me to avoid the pop tarts. My life has been a lot quieter because of it. But, as I said above, this one has (to me) that older soul feel and I’m biologically incapable of hating that sound. 

It gets better, too, because the song features Stevie Wonder. A whole lotta Stevie. This makes me inordinately happy. And it explains that sound. Also, it has something to do with the movie Sing (which my kids saw but I didn’t because I do not ever, ever, ever go to movie theaters and if it’s on DVD we don’t have it and even if we did I dunno whether I’d choose to sit through it or not…). Long story short, I wouldn’t have put it together that way either.

Try it!


10 thoughts on “Faith In Stevie!

      1. Aphoristical says:

        I’m listening to Beyonce’s latest album right now and enjoying it – I don’t know if I’ve just done a 180 in taste, or mainstream pop music’s got a lot stronger, but I’ve been enjoying a lot of mainstream acts lately.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          That’s cool! I don’t think I’ve heard any one Beyonce song all the way through. The only mainstream stuff I get is whatever gets played at work, so one song caught my attention anyway!


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