Volbeat – Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

Brace yourselves, it’s another new series! I call it Pronto Toronto! Here’s why…

The day following the Slayer show, Brother Craig and I hit up Sonic Boom. Because music! Now, Brother Craig knows what he wants. He walked in, pulled out 4 LPs he wanted and was off to pay within 10 minutes. He waited for me in the coffee shop next door while I dug in the bins. I mean, ten minutes and I ain’t even done the New Arrivals bins! It’s all good, I knew this going in, we didn’t have much time (the highway home awaited us). Probably the fastest dig I’ve ever done in that place!

So, as you can surmise, this wee series covers the treasures I found in the time I had. Folks, I found goodness. Of course.

Gonna start off with my $2.99 finds…

Pronto Toronto Series Pt.1: $2.99 Finds Pt.1: Volbeat – Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

Yes, I got this full live album by the mighty Volbeat for $3. That’s… crazy. I am so sure that someone at Sonic Boom priced this one incorrectly, but it’s too late now suckas, this one’s mine! Hahaha! Now, this also exists as a CD/DVD set, so maybe just the CD edition wasn’t worth pricing high. Who knows. I don’t care! I win! 

Tracks 1-15 were recorded at the Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 19th, 2010. Now, Brother Wilf has seen Volbeat in concert a few times, loves them. He’s even got a picture of his (then 4-year-old) daughter on stage with them. Anyway, he’s the one who got me into them, and I thank him for it. This live set is stellar. 

This is fist-pumping, straight-up, balls-out rock ’n fuckin’ roll, folks. If you know Volbeat at all, you know their sound. It’s a great amalgam of metal, melodic pop-punk (think Green Day), even country… I know. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Every damn song they do is so anthemic and huge, they’re built for stadiums. The crowd sing-alongs were great, and it’s obvious the crowd was totally into the show throughout.

Have a look at the track listing below, especially the wee little additions they threw into a couple of the songs. That must’ve been one helluva great night, because this set fuckin’ rocks!

Track List: Intro – Dance Of The Knights* / The Mirror And The Ripper / Maybelline I Hofteholder / 16 Dollars / Heaven Nor Hell / Who They Are / Evelyn / Sad Man’s Tongue^ / 7 Shots / Pool Of Booze, Booze. Booza/Boa / A Warrior’s Call / The Garden’s Tale / Fallen / Thanks / The Human Instrument^^

* from Sergej Prokofjew’s Romeo Und Julia. Ballet in 4 acts… op.64 performed by Chicago Symphony Orchestra (cond. Solti)
^ contains excerpts from ‘Holy Diver,’ originally performed by Dio
^^ contains excerpts from ‘Reign In Blood,’ originally performed by Slayer

And if that wasn’t enough… 

Tracks 16-18 were recorded at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, California, USA on April 9th, 2010.

Yup, three more tracks from a different night earlier in the tour, two covers and one including a member from Anthrax on rhythm guitar. Does it get any better?

Track List: Angelfuck~ / Still Counting / I Only Wanna Be With You~~%

~ originally performed by The Misfits
~~ originally performed by Dusty Springfield
% rhythm guitar by Scott Ian (Anthrax)

In Sum: 

\m/ VOLBEAT! \m/  For cheap! Wahoo!

6 thoughts on “Volbeat – Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

  1. J. says:

    Bargain. I only have the one Volbeat album, but I like it. I’ve heard that they’re pretty brilliant live, so hopefully this here CD captures that (sounds like it does from what you’ve written).


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup, total bargain! Brother Wilf says they are a stellar live act, and this CD seems to capture it, though of course we all know that you cannot fully replace actually being there. Still, this one’s a rocker!

      Liked by 1 person

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