Slayer – Haunting The Chapel

This is the last item from my super-fast run-through of Sonic Boom with Brother Craig, the day after the Slayer concert. Fittingly, it’s…

Pronto Toronto Series Pt. 8: Slayer – Haunting The Chapel

I start this with a confession: did you know that I own every Slayer studio album except Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits? True story! I really need to rectify this oversiiiiight…

Fortunately, I found this EP, which falls in between those two albums (as does the live album, Live Undead). A cool story I read is that Dave Lombardo met Death (and tons of other bands) drummer Gene Hoglan at this time, and it was because of Hoglan that Lombardo added a double bass to his kit. The rest is metal drumming history.  

Folks seem to think this EP was a transitional release, moving Slayer from their earlier rock-based song structures to their soon-to-be signature thrash metal sound. As I do not own the album before this, I’ll leave that to the experts to argue and just talk about what I heard here. 

Chemical Warfare is still a tour staple to this day, we all know it well, and we’re all the better for hearing it every single time it spins. Never tire of it! What a great track! Captor Of Sin blasts out of the gates at full tilt, as Slayer must, and it’s another fantastic ripper of a tune. It relentlessly drives you into the ground, what a wall of noise… Haunting The Chapel, which was apparently inspired by Venom, and carries anti-Christian lyrics, is pure Slayer as we know them now, too. Head-on and full-speed, go go GO! Honestly, either of these songs could be in their setlists on their current tour and absolutely destroy next to the hits (including Chemical Warfare). Wow!   

BONUS! This edition I have here also contains a bonus track, Aggressive Perfector, which previously had only been available on a compilation called Metal Massacre Vol.3, and on some vinyl and cassette copies of Show No Mercy. This one takes a while to get going, but when it does, it’s Slayer’s metal thrash filtered through a great punk sound and energy (well, ok, except for the guitar solo sections – punks wouldn’t necessarily have those in there…). That Araya scream at the end, holy hell! Hardcore, hell yeah!

In Sum:

A superb, short blast of Slayer mayhem and madness. I loved it. I will say that the production is lacking compared to later stuff, but that’s to be expected, and it isn’t even a criticism. In fact, I’d say it adds that touch of a DIY old school feel to the affair, which has its own charm (for me, anyway). 

\m/  SLAYER!!!  \m/


Thanks so much for Reading this Pronto Toronto series. I only found a few gems to bring home, but I was pretty chuffed with everything I got. In fact, I have to say, given how little time there was to go through the bins in Sonic Boom that day, I think I did pretty damn well! 

So. I suppose, after this post, it’ll be back to regular ol’ postings! How weird will that be, just some random album from the collection I’ve heard lately, instead of recounting what I got in the big shitty… I mean, I’ve been immersed in series for so long… there were the 42 items from the I Wanna Taranna series, and now these from Pronto Toronto… and now it’s just normal ol’ crap posts? Cool! Though, I will advise, the On Spec will be returning, picking up where it left off. I have a pile of stuff here to get through, er, on spec… but I’ll just make a wee note of them as I go along, not make a fancy-pants series out of it or anything…

Anyway, here’s the list of my Pronto Toronto finds!

$2.99 DEALZ

1. Volbeat – Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven
2. Morcheeba – Who Can You Trust?
3. Cuff The Duke – Life Stories For Minimum Wage


4. Cynic – Re-Traced
5. Cynic – Carbon-Based Anatomy
6. Fugazi – Instrument
7. Jurassic 5 – J5 Deluxe Re-issue (2cd/1dvd)
8. Slayer – Haunting The Chapel

\m/  \m/

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