Billie Joe + Norah – Foreverly

I’m really original here, so because it was Pride weekend in Taranna, I’m gonna call this series on my finds…

Pride Of Taranna Series Pt. 1: BMV #1 – Billie Joe + Norah – Foreverly

Knowing this existed, and always meaning to get it, didn’t help me get it ’til now. But here it is! And it’s really quite freaking awesome. These are two people I never would have put together in my mind, but it totally works. I like their voices together. I like how they approached the songs, I liked the sound they achieved. It’s true to the style, feel, and intention of the original… with enough of a twist (with Jones’ vocals) to it that it stands on its own as a cool unique thing too. It swings and sways, waltzes and twangs, and it sweetly holds your attention throughout.

I wish I’d snagged this when it came out instead of (inexplicably) waiting this long, it’ll be in rotation a good long while. Damn, that was super-cool.

Hit It Or Quit It? Hit!


Here’s what this is:

“Foreverly is a collection of traditional songs, and is a reinterpretation of the 1958 album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us by The Everly Brothers. It is promoted by the lead single “Long Time Gone”” (Wiki)

Here’s how it happened, according to Armstrong:

“In an interview with Stereogum, Armstrong said: “It all started with Stevie Wonder. [laughter] We sang together with Stevie Wonder and his band and a whole bunch of people, that’s how Norah and I first met. Then … well, I got into the Everly Brothers’ record a couple years ago and I thought it was just beautiful. I was listening to it every morning for a while off and on. I thought it would be cool to remake the record because I thought it was sort of an obscure thing and more people should know about it, but I really wanted to do it with a woman singing because I thought it would take on a different meaning — maybe broaden the meaning a little bit — as compared to hearing the songs being sung by the two brothers. And so my wife said, ‘Why don’t you get Norah Jones to do it?’ and I was like, ‘Well, I kinda know her.’ Well, I mean, we had Stevie Wonder in common. And so I called her and she said yes. So it was kinda like a … well, I keep saying it was kinda like a blind date.” (Wiki)

15 thoughts on “Billie Joe + Norah – Foreverly

  1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

    Yup! I will give this a listen (and am). Not familiar with either person but a I’m a huge Everly guy and this concept is up my alley. Good stuff. Reminds me of an album I got a while back The Knitters ‘Poor Little Critter on the Road’. It might grab you if this did. Thanks for the lead.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Not familiar with either person? Do you know Green Day (Billie Joe sings/guitars/songwriter for them). Norah Jones is a jazzier piano torchsong lady. Big hit was Don’t Know Why, but that whole Come Away With me album was massive.

      And thank you for the Knitters lead!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cincinnatibabyhead says:

        I have heard of both but never the music. My youngest son (Big Earl) would and still does throw music my way. Rancid, NOFX, Bad Religion etc. He might have mentioned Green Day. I really like what the two are doing. I listened to it all yesterday and will listen again.

        Knitters – Dave Alvin (The Blasters. CB faves) and members of X. It’s more hillbilly rockabilly country. But there was something in Norah and Billie that brought them to mind.


  2. J. says:

    This is a swell album. It took me by surprise when it was released and it’s definitely a worthy tribute… great title, too.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Billy Joel and Norah Jones is a bit more of a natural pairing, what with all the piano. But nope, this is Green Day guy and Norah Jones doing traditional songs in the manner of the Everly Brothers. I KNOW! It’s fun!

      As for ‘went all Madonna,’ I dunno, they both dropped their last names for this. Maybe dropping the last name for this project seperates them from his Green Day and her jazzy personas. Of maybe both of them just using their first names makes it informal and fun. Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all! I have no idea.

      Liked by 1 person

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