sandbox – Bionic

Pride Of Taranna Series Pt. 11: BMV #11, 3-For-$10 Deal #6 – sandbox. – Bionic

Welcome to the debut album from sandbox., released in 1995. For those of you paying attention to Canuck Rawk back then, you may remember the single, Curious. Or maybe Collide, or Here And There…

I played (and enjoyed) their second effort, A Murder In The Glee Club, for the strong concept album that it was. This first one, though, is just a rawkin’ good time. It’s fun hearing it now, the 90s alternative thing had a sound, and it’s all here. But it isn’t just retreads, this is a collection of smart songs. Nothing over the top, just solid playing.

What you wanna do, honestly, is head on over to Mike’s and read his review of this one. He has more details and such. I just enjoyed rocking out to sandbox. on my walk one night, tripping out on the blast down memory lane, and that’s good enough for me!


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