Wilco – The Whole Love

Pride Of Taranna Series Pt. 23: She Said Boom #2: Wilco – The Whole Love 

I found this in the bins and discovered it only had 1 CD when it should have 2. I took it to the counter (helpfully) to point it out. The nice lady there thanked me and pulled another copy from behind the counter – one with both CDs, in a beautiful slipcase hardshell cover, and with a 53 page book too! Instant purchase. Hooray!

Wilco’s 8th album is the first on their own label. It is 12 songs of beauty and awesome, as you’ll imagine. Album opener, Art Of Almost, sounds like Wilco channeling radiohead (I know!), and then the single was I Might, a bouncy rocker. From there, it vacillates between all of Wilco’s wheelhouse sounds. A definite highlight was the album closer, One Sunday Morning (A Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend), loved it.

The second CD contains all four of the iTunes bonus tracks. A song called Sometimes It Happens is listed as a deluxe edition bonus track, but does not appear here or on iTunes. Some other edition got that one, I guess. There’s also a cover of Nick Lowe’s I Love My Label as a bonus track, as if all the Wilco awesome wasn’t enough. 

In Sum:

It’s Wilco. You know the sound, you love the sound, you need this disc. As you were (listening to Wilco)!


Hit It Or Quit It? It’s Wilco. HIT!


And here ends my Pride Of Taranna series (just in time for our next upcoming trip to Taranna! What a great pile of music I brought home from this last trip, though, eh?… All of them were Hits, in the Hit It Or Quit It series, although the Groove Armada and Kenny Wayne Shepherd are Hits for now, we’ll see if I go back to them at a later date.

Thanks so much, as ever, for Reading my blurbs on these records. Without you, I’d just be firing these blatherings pointlessly into the ether.

12 thoughts on “Wilco – The Whole Love

  1. J. says:

    I like this one. Haven’t heard it in a while, but definitely a return to form after the fair to middling Sky Blue Sky and self-titled albums.

    I wasn’t aware there had been some iTunes bonus tracks. Though I probably should have known!


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